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Sex years ago, I was lucky enough to live in France. Recently, I went back for a holiday and proceeded to eat my way through the countryside. I was way down South, in Drôme, which lies within the region of Rhône-Alpes. Fortunately, fresh produce, truffles growing in backyards, and personal farms are the norm.

I got to learn what truly is/was local French food. Here are my top 10 favorite foods in France..some you may not have heard of!

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Crêpe Banane & Nutella

My idea of heaven. In Paris, L’Avant Comptoir makes a great recipe.

Soupe à L’Oignon Gratineé

French onion soup. The best soup by far.

Local Confiture

Markets are usually every weekend in most towns, and you can always pick up local amazing jams. A good one is apricot jam.


This dish is similar to Italian ravioli, except they are much smaller and always filled with cheese. Each region fills their raviole with a different cheese filling.

Orgeat Syrup

A delicious sweet almond drink you can order at any French bar.


A rich brioche filled with almonds and hazelnuts covered in rose sugar and smashed into pieces throughout the cake.


A dry-cured sausage- a really amazing one is Rosette de Lyon, a pork sausage originating from Lyon.

Courgette aux herbes de Provence

Down South, a lot of restaurants sell a side of zucchini cooked in amazing local herbs.

Local French Vinaigrette 

I always buy local mustards, honey, and vinegar in France, and I make my own amazing salad dressing to bring back to me.


But of course! My fave is sesame.

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