Zohra Atash From Azar Swan Talks Dressing Like A Ghetto Goth Goddess

Sooooo we’re pretty much obsessed with Azar Swan right now (I mean, have you heard their Bugatti Remix!?!?)! With bass fueled beats, heavy rock vibes, and smooth siren-like vocals, they will literally make you feel like you’re in a mosh pit at a Lil Wayne concert where Britney Spears is the opening act- so basically, they’re EVERYTHING! We got to sit down with lead vocalist, Zohra Atash, and get all the details on the Afghan born, ghetto-goth goddess. Scroll down for the full interview and go check out some the duo’s music here!

Zohra wears: Jacket by Muubaa

Zohra wears: Jacket by Muubaa

Describe your sound in 5 words.

Bombastic Tribal Dance-Floor Pop.

Biggest style inspiration?

My approach to the way I dress isn’t much different to the way I write music:  mix a wide range of influences and create something unique but keep a common denominator so you’re not diluting or over-doing.  My common thread is a sort of ultra-disheveled femininity and, well, the color black.  I almost always shop one piece at a time so I can mix and match things and get completely different looks.

I like to layer, so maybe one day I’d pair some cowpunk boots with a shawl I bought in the middle-east with an oversized hoodie and a necklace from one of several amazing jewelry designers in Brooklyn like Naked Label or Josh’s wife Ellie, who creates custom-made pieces for me.  On another day I might wear ripped up tights with tap shorts and a leather jacket and thigh-high boots.  I have a few amazing pairs of high-slit harem pants that I wear with a mini-motorcycle jacket, so I look like Lita Ford as an “evil genie”.

In a rush, I go for a witchy Christina Applegate as Kelly Bundy thing, and I end up looking like one of the smokin’ Latina chicks in the Buster Poindexter “Hot Hot Hot” video, which is never a bad thing.  I can shoulder-shimmy with the best of them.


Josh wears: Jacket by Logan Neitzel; Shirt by OAK
Zohra wears: Dress by Logan Neitzel; Leg Straps by Zana Bayne; Gloves by Augustin Teboul; Earrings by Bjorg

Ultimate girl crush?

Wendy O. Williams- Being Afghan, I have a little warrior living inside my chest.  After years and years of getting f***ed with by all sorts, it’s pretty much a part of our DNA.  My little warrior is my co-pilot.  I came to know her well growing up in the South, which was lovely but still not without it’s get-your-back-up moments.  I developed these defense mechanisms after years of teasing for various shortcomings or “inferiorities”.  When I was very little, I thought if I just tried to disappear and stay very very quiet I might find a reprieve from the teasing and berating.  That didn’t really work cos jerks are always looking to get their jerk on.  It was lucky that I reached my threshold around the same time I discovered rock n’ roll on my own terms.  Say what you will about Courtney Love, but she was a gateway drug to so many insanely strong female artists.  These women taught me things.  They empowered me.  I’d been knocked around before, and I came to the realization that the worst that was ever going to happen if I defended myself was a shiner.  From that eureka moment,  I went from being that weird foreign chick to a force not to f*** with.  I owe a great deal of a lot to women like Lydia Lunch, Kathleen Hanna, Patti Smith, and Wendy O. Williams.  Not just because I could lose myself in their records, but because they were providing another pathway.

When you listen to Wendy, there’s this incredible grit and power to her voice.  To watch her is like watching a beautiful storm.  She blurred gender lines.  She was the lady in a bikini top chainsaw in hand.  She wanted you to be a creature of your own design.  She had heart.  She’s a priestess of the highest order.

What are some staple products you use to get your look?

Layers and Leather.

Lipstick – I go for either a blood red or a red-violet.  I line my lips with either a plumb eyeliner which I buy from lower drugstore lines like NYC or MAC Vino; if I’m lining with something darker I finish with Nars Cruella or MAC Classic red which gives this beautiful multi-tone color.  I hate flat looking lips.  Tom Ford also has a great shade called Black Orchid which I pair with MAC Burgundy lip pencil.  Intense and super pretty.

Eyeliner – Lately I’ve been using Persian calligraphy meets Nancy Sinatra circa heyday for inspiration.  I use MAC Fluidline in black which is the stuff in a pot and the MAC 210 brush to get the lines down.  I finish it with Revlon liquid eyeliner because it’s a bolder black, and the wand makes it easy to apply.

Hair – One of my best friends works at Bumble and Bumble so I was given a tailored to me recipe for success when it comes to my hair.  I like for my hair to look pretty kept but disheveled.  I use Bumble and Bumble “Texture” which is labeled the “Un”dressing creme. It’s amazing.  And of course, the black powder dry shampoo.

Facial jewelry – I wear these iridescent crystals on the bridge of my nose.  It’s a bit more subtle than a nose ring, but still really bold.  It’s inspired by my eastern heritage, but still I’ve made it my own thing.  Sometimes I wear gold foil things on the far corners of my eyes. I can’t help it, I’ve got magpie eyes.

Dress by Logan Neitzel; Gloves by Augustin Teboul; Earrings by Bjorg

Zohra wears: Dress by Logan Neitzel; Gloves by Augustin Teboul; Earrings by Bjorg

What are your favorite songs of the summer?

Josh and I send each other quite a lot of music back and forth, some standouts:

Shannon – Let the Music Play

The Luniz – I Got 5 On It

Cocteau Twins – Heaven Or Las Vegas

Daughn Gibson – Phantom Rider

Wax Idols – The Scent of Love

Creative Director: Todd Pendu
Photographer: Jason Rodgers
Hair & Make Up: Tiffany Patton
Stylists: Todd Pendu and Zana Bayne
Stylists Assistant: Nick Blumenthal

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