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Standing at over 6’3″, you can’t help but notice Chapman. The Chi-town raised, New York based student/writer turned rapper has already made a name for himself in the city’s underground music scene with talent that towers over other rappers as much as he does. Upon the 9/18 release of his first EP, “XL Life”, we got to sit down with Chapman and see what makes him tick. Check out our interview with the rapper below as well as an exclusive, unreleased bonus track from “XL Life”, available for download tomorrow!

Describe your sound in 5 words.

The greatest party ever thrown.

Biggest style inspiration?

My Aunt Karen—growing up, she was the only hip, young person in my family and I think a lot of what I listened to and watched and wore had to do with looking up to her . She would rock big Michael Jordan graphic Tees, Air Force 1s, crazily patterned sweatpants and a Bulls fitted, aka my look today. She also had a waterbed, which I’m pretty sure is the pinnacle of style.


What influences did you have growing up that shaped the way you rap?

As a kid I was glued to the hip-hop radio stations in Chicago (B96, Power 92, WGCI). B96 used to do this thing called “9 Most Wanted” every night, where they would play the 9 most requested songs of that day—as early as Kindergarden I would record the whole thing on cassette, bring it to school with me and just listen to it over and over. They’d spin Aaliyah, Biggie, Ginuwine, Keith Sweat, Missy,  R. Kelly, Blackstreet, all the 90s stuff that people are just rediscovering now. Everything was so catchy and I think because of that, making songs that have great hooks and melodies is super important to me. Kanye is definitely my biggest rapper influence. He’s a genius and shows so many layers—he can be painfully cocky and then super vulnerable on the same song, but either way you know he’s being 100% honest.

Ultimate boy crush?

Hmmm, I would have to say Johnny Bravo. I’m looking for a big burly idiot who wears sunglasses during the day and talks like Elvis.

What’s the future looking like for Chapman?

More shows, more music, more videos, a couple collabs. I just wanna make the highest quality stuff I can and really push myself to become as much of a force as possible. I’m very ambitious, I have a lot of ideas and am just very excited to keep pursuing this. I feel blessed!

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