Samuel Lasren of Glee is our hot boy for Valentines day! The star of Glee talks to us about Christianity, models and what’s to come in 2014. Check out his royal hotness below:

Photographs by Elias Tahan

Styling : Kyle Blackmon

Hair by Sheridan Ward using Oribe Hair Care / T3 micro


What song can you not get enough of right now?
Apocalypse dream by tame impala is stuck in my head lately

Favorite model of all time:
Let’s say Kate moss

What does friendship mean to you?
Friends are family you choose. Just family.

How do you deal with the temptations of hollywood and still preserve your faith?

I’m no different than the guy next to me, I just have faith, and I’m thankful for everything, which is really what helps keep me grounded.

What is the most beautiful feature on a woman?
Smile, eyes.

Top 5 things you look for in a woman:
Witty, adventurous, artsy, sensible, passionate.

What was the reason for the hair change?
Pretty much the same reason I got them, similar feeling. Just didn’t feel
Like myself anymore.

What do you have going on for 2014?
Studying and pursuing more acting, just learning and getting better at it. I’d like to
be the subject in more photos, I’m just going to release loads of music, so lots of stuff going on this year.

What is your take on reality TV?
I’ve done it. And I never ever wanted to, but it helped me meet life changing people and lifelong friends and taught me a lot. And no matter what I or anyone else thinks can replace that.

We see that you have been linked to bombshell carmen electra are you into older women?
Just women. You know.

Favorite food:
Mexican food, avocados, chipotle… Kinda repeated myself there.

Favorite color:

Favorite song ever:
Billie Jean.

Best date you ever had:
That’s a tough one, I mean any date at Disneyland is good.

6 tips for being the best christian you can be:
Pray, empathy, be thankful, trust where you are and where you going, listen, and just love with everything you got.

Dogs or cats?
Dogs. I’ve had some awesome dogs. And what a note to end on, cheers.



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