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Tell me about your admiration for Tim Burton. Who is your favorite character from his films?
I love all early Tim Burton movies. There is a beautiful raw fantasy in their environments and characters. My favorite character would have to be Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice.  She is a confused, misunderstood teenager that falls into a world of unknown. Winona Ryder plays the innocent dark creature that she is.

What’s the artist community like in LA these days? Where do you hang?
Well, I’d love to say that I hang out at all of the museums and attend all of the gallery openings, but sadly I spend much more time at home making my own then keeping up with the scene. With that said, I think the art community here is growing in a very positive way and I feel that it is a good place to be as an artist.

What is the last thing you drew?
I just finished drawing my friends as pin-up girls for L’Officiel Hommes.

What is your favorite concert experience of all time?
I’d have to go with seeing No Doubt when I was younger and throwing a card for Gwen Stefani on stage and seeing her run around the stage with my card. I did put my phone number in there for her so we could become best friends as I had dreamed but I never got a call. Tragic!

You’ve got quite the style. Name your ultimate statement piece in your closet.
I feel like my ultimate statement has to do with the combination of randomness I throw together. I enjoy mismatching prints, things with a little kid vibe, and I’m also into a hint of “chola”.

Last name: Hemingway. Tell me the good, the bad, the ugly… I’d say it’s an honor being related to such a legend, but I also don’t want to be judged upon that fact. I really want people to admire my work or like me as a person for who I am.

It’s a perfect day. Where do you spend it, what do you do, who do you spend it with?  A perfect day would be spent in the sun around 80 degrees. I’d probably want to go on an easy hike, stroll, or possibly a picnic, but definitely outdoors! I love to be with any of my friends or maybe a secret crush of someone who doesn’t give me the time of day.

You’re also a model. What’s been your favorite shoot so far? The two shoots I did in Paris were really fun. The first was for Jalouse, shot by Bjarne Jonasson, and the second was for Grazia, shot by James Macari. Both had an unbelievable collection of off the runway clothes and I felt like I was taking on different character roles.

What can we expect from you in 2013? 
Lots of new work and hopefully with endless improvement!

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