Galore is hiring Interns in LA

College students, it’s your lucky day: Galore is looking for interns in LA.

Here are the general requirements: you must be available at least two days a week, and you must be able to get college credit for your internship.

Here’s what we need.


Los Angeles

Are you a video qwine who’s proficient in Adobe Premier? PLEEEEASE let us know! We need everything from editors to aspiring lighting and camera experts. You’ll be helping out with everything from funny slideshow vids to mini-documentaries.


Los Angeles

If you’re obsessed with the Galore aesthetic and you know the full Adobe Suite, first of all: congrats on having a great eye, babe. And second of all, we want YOU as a graphics intern!

Our graphics interns assist with everything from illustrating posts on our site to, yes, helping us cook up fire memes for IG. As a graphics intern, you’ll be directly involved with honing the look and feel of the Galore universe.


Los Angeles

If you’ve ever read a news story online and though, “I am dying to do that,” this is the internship for you. Bonus points if you have amazing ideas for written content that you’ve never seen anywhere else before.

Galore’s editorial interns function like mini members of the edit team. That means you’ll be pitching and writing your own stories, plus learning the ins and outs of WordPress. You’ll leave the internship with dozens of writing samples and you’ll learn the basics of online journalism while you’re here.

If you’re a journalism or English major, that’s a plus. But it’s not 100% necessary. What is necessary is an understanding of how online news works, an abundance of fresh ideas to write up, and a DIY attitude cuz we don’t handhold.

Please specify what type of edit internship you’d like in the subject line of your application email. We’re looking for the following types of edit interns in our NYC and LA offices. Please only apply to internships that match the city where you live.

NYC: Pop culture editorial intern
NYC: Fashion editorial intern
NYC: Beauty editorial intern
NYC: Sex and dating editorial intern
NYC: Politics and issues editorial intern
NYC and LA: General editorial intern



Los Angeles

We’re all on social media 24/7 these days. But if you’re the kind of person who actually understands the ins and outs of each social platform and is obsessed with learning how to own each one, you might be a good candidate for a social media internship.

Our social interns help us fill our Facebook and Twitter feeds with content — and yes, they get to help with memes. If you’re the meme queen of your friend group, we want to hear from you.


New York City

Are you amazing at helping your friends grow their social media following? Obsessed with growth hacking and online marketing? Then this is the internship for you.

Audience development isn’t about answering tweets or managing social media accounts — it’s about finding ways to attract new readers through partnerships with other media outlets. A good grasp on how online media works is a must. Be able to tell us who Galore’s competitors are and what makes us different from them.

Our audience development interns help us figure out ways to bring the Galore message to more and more people. If you’re a marketing or communications major — and you want to get super valuable experience for any future media job — this could be a good fit for you.


If any of this sounds good to you, please follow these directions.

1. Send an application email to Lisa for LA inquiries at and the name of the internship you want in the subject line.

2. In the email, tell us briefly and succinctly why you’re a great fit for Galore. Please don’t tell us about your “leadership skills” and “quick learning abilities.” We want to know who you actually are.

3. Include links to relevant past work. Oh, and you might wanna read this first.

Good luck bb’s!

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