Galore Guide To Dating Two Best Friends

It started out as a revenge ploy but has now spiraled into something a bit more complicated. When the guy I was seeing abruptly stopped texting me for about a week (oh sorry have you been too busy between between instagramming pop tarts and watching trombone documentaries?), it suddenly became a bit more enticing to take his best friend up on those dinner suggestions that he had been sending me for some time. It seemed perfect. One guy starts ignoring you and you start sleeping with his friend for revenge. Except then he did text me again, with a perfectly good explanation. And that is how I got myself into one of the most convoluted dating plots I have ever encountered. For those in a similar situation. Here is how to handle it.

Don’t Talk About One In Front Of The Other

In your world, the third party shall remain nameless. If he isn’t there, he doesn’t exist. Keep the boy’s thoughts off of that friend. The less he is mentioned, the less danger you in for a very awkward discussion.

Do Not Hang Out With Both At The Same Time

It seems obvious but bare in mind these girls are friends and most likely do not know about the other one. If they invite you to hang out with the “crew” bail. Make up an excuse, lie. Trust me it is not worth the inevitable discomfort of the situation.

And If Somehow You Do End Up Hanging Out With Both…

Do not make any romantic advances toward either. Act impartial to both, if possible act angry. Just try to fend off any sexual tension. I know, easier said than done.

Keep Them Obsessed

The more into you they are the less likely it will be that they will hate you when they inevitably find out what’s going on. Maybe you can all just live together like one big happy, f***ed up little family! Or not…

Have An Escape Plan

If things get to complicated or if you do choose one over the other, have a method of how to end it with either or both without any bloodshed. Just try not to let them kill each other at least.

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