Galore Guide to Being a Bombshell

Let today be the unofficial bombshells day! With the new Bombshell issue of Galore hitting the stands, the legendary Kate Upton’s 22nd birthday and the Maxim Hot 100 party, we seem to be surrounded with fabulous women lately. It can be overwhelming. With so much sex appeal milling around, where do us mere mortals fit in. Worry not kittens, we all have a little bit of the bombshell in us. Here is how to bring out yours.

When it comes to clothing brands, nobody does sexy like Guess. The 1980’s clothing brand knows everything there is to know abOut bringing out your inner bombshell. One thing that everyone looks sexy in? Denim. You never look like you are trying to hard in a pair of jeans. The great thing about a well fitted pair of jeans is, also, that it evokes an effortless sexiness. Every woman needs the perfect pair of jeans in her closet. Don’t have one yet? Guess jeans are affordable and form fitting, and what better way to feel like a Guess girl yourself?


Think of bombshell hair and you think of the bouffant. But that sort of hair is not so easy to style. When it comes to bombshell hair, the most important thing is to make a statement. Whether your hair is stick straight or super curly, the trick is to work it, maximize it. Big curls? Blow them out big and beautiful. Super straight? Iron it even flatter, and work that hippie hair!

The best kind of makeup is always the vintage sort that evokes images of Elizabeth Taylor at her red hot sexiest. Cat eyes and red lipstick will always be bombshell musts.

You don’t need bouffant hair, skintight clothing and red lips to be a bombshell if you already feel and act like one. A bombshell is a girl who is sexy and knows it and evokes it whether she is in sweats and stiletto heels. Feel beautiful, and you will look it too. Bombshell means confidence. Got that going on and you are always golden.

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