Galore Guide To 21st Century Dating

Is technology making it easier or harder to have a relationship with someone? It is certainly making it different. As someone who grew up in a time when texting was about as sophisticated as it got and going Facebook official was the biggest social media relationship move that existed, some of the ways that apps and iPhones have changed the dating world still kind of blows my mind. So here, officially, is the Galore guide to dating in a time when cyberstalking your crush means more than just going through all of his Facebook pics.

Finding A Date: AKA OKCupid isn’t A Thing Anymore
Galore Mag - 21st Century Dating Guide

We thought that those dating apps might be the hot new thing in “online” dating but after the terrible failure of Tinder to produce any valuable males in the species, it looks like Instagram might just be the new way of finding a suitor.
Galore Mag - 21st Century Dating Guide
Reason number one why we don’t do Tinder anymore.

A friend of mine recently started following a good looking French man on Instagram and liked a few of his pics. Lo and behold a week later he asked her out on a date… and it went well. I am kind of hoping this was not just a fluke. Finger crossed?

CyberStalking: AKA I Know Your Tumblr Url
Galore Mag - 21st Century Dating Guide

Facebook and Instagram really don’t tell you all that much about a person because those two platforms are just a means of making yourself look better than you are. If you really want to know how bad/good a person is ( you know besides talking to them in person), find out their Tumblr Url. Tumblr is one of the gems of the internet where everyone is brutally honest when they’re not competing to seem more f***ed up than they are.

Galore Mag - 21st Century Dating Guide
Just an example of some of the singles available on Tumblr

What’s Better Than Texting: Spoiler- Snapchat
Galore Mag - 21st Century Dating Guide

For when your significant other is away and you just want to see them for a quick sec, you know longer have to text pictures of yourselves or even log onto Skype. Just send a cute (or slutty) selfie and some texts and voila, long distance relationships never looked so good.
Galore Mag - 21st Century Dating Guide
Or bad, they also sometimes look bad.

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