Galore Guide: Our Top 5 Ultimate Goth Girls

While celebrating them is so not goth of us, Halloween is the perfect time to channel our inner goth girl. The angst, rebelling against popular trends and truly being cool, only to have people notice years later, is something we can definitely relate too (um hello, high school!) These characters are goth heroes and made being misunderstood an art. So enjoy this spooky holiday that glorifies the ultimate “it” girls with our top five favorite on-screen goth girls.

by: Shannon Kurlander


Lydia Deetz (Beetlejuice)
Your classic misunderstood teenager who just happens to see ghosts too.

Wednesday Addams (The Addams Family)
The youngest and most sinister darling of the Addams family (dun nuh nuh nuh *snap* *snap*)


Janis Ian (Mean Girls)
While she would never live down that nasty pool party rumor, Janis was the one mean girl who spoke the truth with complete sanity.

Veronica Sawyer (The Heathers)
The twisted school girl who can’t make up her mind to join the popular crowd or kill them.


Jane Lane (Daria)
Daria’s best friend epitomized the goth who wore hip styles, listened to records and got into art long before people knew it was cool.

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