Galore Girls – Mj Day & Darcie Baum


What is the most rewarding aspects of your jobs?
I love where it brings me! Geographically, creatively and personally.
I get to travel to all of the places I have ever wanted to go, create
beautiful images of people I care about and surround myself with the
most talented, enthusiastic and inspiring people in the world!

Definitely the travel! Sometimes Ifeel like we’re having an out of
body experience with this job…like how the hell did I get so lucky?
There was a moment in Antarctica when MJ and I were sitting in the
snow, watching a bunch of chinstrap penguins walk by and we just
started crying. It’s definitely emotionally overwhelming to be able to
experience everything we do at SI Swimsuit.

What was the most challenging cover shoot to pull off?
For me, it was the “Cover Model Reunion” cover in 2005. That was a lot
of supermodel in the same place at the same time!!

This is my sixth year with SI Swimsuit, but only the second cover
shoot I have been on. The 2013 issue was definitely the most
challenging, but you’ll have to wait and see before I can dish it!

Can you choose a favorite cover? or top 3?
-Tyra Banks 1997
Veronica Varecova 2004
And the 2013 🙂

-Tyra Banks 1997
-Brooklyn Decker 2010

What do you look for in a cover girl?
It really is what I look for in every girl I cast for the issue.
First, its obv the look. Healthy and fresh. We feature such a variety
of looks in the magazine it varies from girl to girl and year to year,
but one thing I feel strongly about is a healthy body image. Curves
for SURE. I love all different looks and to me its important to have
variety and depth in the group of women represented in the magazine
every year. We reach 70 million people world wide, so its important to
have variety!

What is your definition of sexy?
That’s a tough one. Its so many things, different things to different
people. It boils down to confidence. Loving what you are and what you

Some women feel sexy in their rawest, most natural form. Others when
they are done up head to toe by stylists andhair and makeup artists.
To each their own you know? I think it’s just about being happy with
yourself, then the sexy will show!

And how do you choose the bikinis? How many emails a day do you get
from swimwear publicists?!
We do market appointments and attend the Miami Swim Show every July…
but develop themes for each story ahead of time depending on what the
trends are and what will fit in the locations. We must get 100 emails
a week from pr companies and swim designers pitching new lines or
coordinating with us to do custom swimsuits. Once everything comes in
(thousands of bikinis), MJ will edit the suits by fit, style and
uniqueness. We bring over 500 suits on each location with us since we
can’t do a fitting with the models before we leave NYC. It’s kind of
hysterical at customs!

How important are the locations? Can you just use any nice beach or is
this an intense location scouting situation?
The level of talent that we work with could make a parking lot look
like heaven on earth. That being said what makes Sports Illustrated
Swimsuit stand apart is that we want to create more than a sexy image
of a sexy girl. We want it to have layers. From carefully researched
and selected locations that we spend years researching and pinpointing
the most visually rich and diversified areas to the meticulously
crafted swimsuits. We look at each shoot as a chapter in the larger
book. Details are paramount, quality is far more satisfying.

It’s the women who rock issue… name some of your favorite woman who rock…
Musician: Adele. Her voice. She just puts it all out there. And does
it perfectly.
Actress: Claire Danes. Homeland. Obsessed.
Models: Veruschka. She is SO MAJOR. She went for it, love that kind of
love of the craft.
Director: Kathryn Bigelow. TheHurt Locker. She is kind of everything isn’t she?
Photographer: Kayt Jones took some sexy as hell pictures this year.
Kept to our crazy insane shoot schedule inNamibia without ever being
anything other then pure love and calm and positive and enthusiastic
all while being secretly early pregnant. And she just had her baby
last week! I mean? I worship at her woman alter!

Musician: Azaelia Banks is one bad ass bitch. “212” is our office and
shoot theme song. We even have a dance. Instant happiness!
Actress: Maggie Smith from DowntonAbbey – don’t mess!
Models: Doutzen Kroes, I can’t.stop.staring at her.
Director: Sofia Coppola handsdown!
Photographer: Kayt Jones rocked our world this year in Namibia. She is
this petite firecracker of creativity and talent and love. It felt
empowering being on set with a female photographer, which is pretty
rare in our industry.

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