Galore girls – Interview with Patricia Field


Name Patricia Field

Occupation Wardrobe Stylist/ Costume Designer

Hometown New York

What does New York mean to you?  For me, New York means home. I am a born and breed New Yorker, I am happy to say I was lucky enough to be born in the greatest city in the world. I say so because, as the crossroads of the globe, it offers the most amazing cultural variety found anywhere and if one is lucky enough to grow up with this as normal, one starts way ahead of the curve.

What made you want to go into costume design?  I began working in costume design in the 80’s. Chronologically the 80’s was a 20 year midpoint in my career which started with the opening of my shop in 1966.  It came unexpectedly and it came timed very well, as I was ready for a new fashion career stimulation. A good friend of mine Candy Pratt’s Price recommended me to a director who hired me on the spot with no experience. I was delighted to do it and was delighted with the experience and wanted more. I actually never planned to do this but the opportunity came and I took it. I enjoyed it, I appreciated it and as such I managed to do well in it.

If you could dress any person dead or alive who would it be and why? I would dress Cleopatra, as to me she is the most alluring and mysterious woman in all of history.

Who is your favorite artist?   Frank Lloyd Wright, I. M. Pei, Albert Einstein and Coco Chanel.

Favorite era in New York fashion?  New York City 1960’s & 70’s street wear.

Dogs or cats?  Dogs with a little cat thrown in for good luck.

You have inspired so many people with your amazing style who has inspired you?  I am constantly and currently inspired by the energy of young emerging artists and fashionistas.

 What are your plans for 2013 if it’s not the end of the world?   To live one more happy year of my life and look forward to 2014.

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