Galore Girls – Interview with Natalia Kills


Name Natalia Kills

Occupation Musician

Hometown London

How is London and New York different for you?  As an English girl living in New York I feel welcome because I love Manhattan for the same reasons I love London. The boys are mean and beautiful and the strangers are never stranger than I am. It’s a hard and seductive city. I feel at home.

Favorite artist of all time?  Not so much an artist, but the writer Oscar Wilde. He’s the best! His characters don’t just embrace their flaws, they thrive by them. That’s how I’d like to be…

If  you  could  have any actress  play you in a film about your life who would it be and why?  They should never make a movie of my life. It would be too complicated and incriminating to myself and those I love… it’s been enough trouble just living it, but to watch it all play back before my eyes? Oh God no!

What  influenced  your  new song Controversy?  Its not exactly a song… more of a list of everything f***ed up with our generation. We’re so hyper exposed to everything violent and pornographic with every click and every channel change, that nothing is shocking or controversial anymore.

Marilyn Manson or Marilyn Monroe?  Funny! I grew up listening to Manson and when he played in London that was the first ever concert I went to! He’s frighteningly intelligent and gracefully unapologetic. But somehow I feel more drawn to Marylin Monroe because of her dichotomy. The same beauty that made her powerful left her tormented and vulnerable… tragic heroes are always fascinating and relatable.

What  inspires you?  With my music I only write about my life and my opinions. All the f***ed up shit I wish I never did, all the boys I’m glad to never see again, my parents loosing everything, visiting my dad in jail on the weekends, the mink coats and speed boats… and the cops and court cases. Everything… Nothing… good… bad… beauty… reality… I’m grateful I have a lot inside me to write about.

Favorite nail color?  White! I love it!

Favorite scent?  I like that gorgeous smell of my perfume mixed with boy’s aftershave. That next-day-pillow-smell. When you breath it in its like a cocktail of good memories and forgotten hours.

What can we expect from you in 2013?  Trouble!

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