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Name Katie Gallagher

Ocupation Fashion Designer

-What is behind the inspiration for your newest collection?  Spring/Summer 2013 “Everything Forever,” was inspired by rebirth and purity. My design aesthetic draws reference from the perception of childhood. Haunted woods and the promises we make as children to be friends forever, fading over time to only that of a faint imprint of what was.  “Everything Forever,” is an ode to the remnants of our past, which are engrained in us, forever. Despite inflictions, our soul can remain pure, however, everything we do is in us forever.

-Did you always want to be a designer growing up?  Nope!

-Are there any artists that inspire you?  I don’t like to look at sole artists and their work for inspiration. I like looking at everything around me and absorbing what’s right, naturally.

-What made you want to move to New York?  I didn’t want to stay in Providence and I definitely didn’t want to move back to Pennsylvania when I graduated in May 2009.

-Your style is very chic Wednesday Adams did u like the Adams Family growing up?  I did!

-If you could have one celebrity dead or alive wear your collection who would it be and why?  The most special people I find wearing my clothes are those I’d never expect to see in on.

-Tim Burton or Winona Ryder?  Winona Ryder

-Black or white?  White.

-What can we expect from Katie in 2013 if it not the end of the world?  FW13! Katie by Katie Gallagher and possibly some shoes! And maybe a girlfriend for my cat Sveater!


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