Louisa Rose Allen From Foxes Shares Her Vintage Shopping Secrets

One of our favorite new singers here at Galore is Louisa Rose Allen, known as Foxes, we caught up with her in LA for the Galore Summer Bombshell issue to talk music, vintage shopping in Hollywood and how she wants to collaborate with Eminem.




What was the inspiration for the name Foxes

 Long story a little bit shorter…I needed to change my name as 2 other artists had similar names, A friend suggested Foxes as it was a song i’d written ages ago. I laughed it off and thought it was stupid…Skip a couple days and i was on the phone to my mum and asked her what she thought of Foxes She replied ‘WHAT??! thats so weird! last night i had a dream Lots of foxes were running up our street making this beautiful haunting sound and i remember thinking it reminded me of your music. After that i just went with it as i reckon Mums are mostly always right.

What is your favorite  summer anthem 

Feel the love by Rudimental last year was a banger…

What your inspiration behind the track “Beauty Queen ” do you like the Roxy Music version

 Yes! Its great. I remember reading one of those crappy magazines about who’s fat and who’s thin and thinking it was ridiculous.

And the perception we seem to have on beauty is quite mental really…I think its hard to feel strong enough to stand your own in this day and age, but when people do its incredible…I think its important to feel confident in who you are and i want to stand up for that.


( basically name ur fave artist in that order)

I would marry David Bowie

Funnily enough i’m finding it easier to find ones i definitely wouldn’t f***. Even google isn’t helping!

I wouldn’t wanna see anyone killed, but If this was hunger Games…I would Kill Will-iam first.

Who would you most like to collaborate with

 Probably Eminem as i owe it to my 13 year old self…To this day i know every lyric he’s ever written. I was pretty obsessed…

Summer Plans for 2013 

It feels like a bit of a featuring Foxes summer for me…I’m doing lots of Uk Festivals with Rudimental, Fall Out Boy and Zedd which is gonna be awesome!

Also doing some very exciting stuff in the US


Check out more on FOXES here



Touring through the UK this summer

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