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With NYFW fast approaching (we’re still recovering from the last one, tbh), all eyes will once again be on NYC’s most fabulous to show the latest fashion trends. When it comes to New York, it’s commonly known that the cool kids work, shop, and live at VFiles. In an industry that has been described as pretentious and out of touch, VFiles celebrates innovative designers and reflects youth culture, making it a unique gem in the fashion scene. It makes perfect sense then that one of the faces of the VFiles brand is Danielle Greco (also known as @thugsbunnny). The Italian Philly native and self-proclaimed ‘ThotGoth‘ is the embodiment of cool girl sex appeal, and everything that is right with millennial fashion culture.  We met up with Danielle last week and got her best tips on how to stay looking rad all fashion week long, from the hippest girl herself.

All Photos and Interview by Jessie Kohlman
Outfit tips: how do you find the perfect fashion week outfit? What has been your fave outfit ever and what do you plan on wearing this year? What did you wear to your very first fashion week event?
My favorite NYFW outfit was a pair of Ashish Jeans that were blue boyfriend cut with huge pearl patches going down them that say “SASHAY SHANTE” & a band tee. This year I think its all about under-dressing. The best look for fashion week to me would be a FUCT sweatsuit – hood up, with an insane bag (L.V. naturally) and sunglasses, nails, a ton of jewelry. Definitely a back of the classroom type vibe.
Who’s your fashion spirit animal, as in, who always nails the perfect look?
Rose McGowan from the 90s is the ultimate ThotGoth , definitely my fashion spirit animal to a tee.
What brands/shows are you excited about this year?
My favorite designers right now that I look forward to seeing are always my English girls – Ashley Williams/ Claire Barrow/ Louise Alsop I’m obsessed and cant wait to see all of their collections.  When it comes to NYC my babies are Ammerman Schlosberg  (Liz and Eric). They NAIL it every time with a flirty rave goth girl look.
Are you a fashion week partier or do you keep it chill? Other than VFiles, who throws the best fashion week parties?
I avoid Fashion Week parties like the plague. I know, I guess I’m supposed to go but I never ever ever do.
It’s a rarity, the only party I attend NATURALLY is the VFILES one which is the only one worth it in my opinion.
How to: take the perfect fashion week selfie/instagram?
I think the best fashion week selfie would be a selfie with a well known super hot male model and tell everyone he’s your new boyfriend. It might make a few exes unhappy as well WIN/WIN.
Handbag survival essentials?
Handbag essentials during fashion week are SO IMPORTANT I can’t stress this enough. There is so much going on its a whirlwind, I keep packs of emergen-c in my purse. Also a portable phone charger is an underestimated MUST.
Least favorite part of fashion week?
Unfortunately, there are still a lot of gross politics involved in the industry that come to light even more. There are a lot of young designers and fresh faces that get underestimated and overlooked. However this is changing, the kids are taking over!
During the fashion week madness what are your beauty must haves to stay looking like a bombshell all week long?
My beauty tips would be a real strong eyebrow and Maybelline pink & green bottle mascara; thrown on a brown 90’s throwback lip and you’re all good.
For more fashion tips, check out Danielle’s web series, “Danielle Live!,” where she reviews all of her picks and essentials from the VFiles closet.

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