Galore Gift Guide: 7 Fab Things To Give And Get This X-Mas!

As a child, Christmas tends to hold a preternatural form of wonderment over you. You are told of a mythical man who delivers gifts to good children. You see flying reindeer flitting through your mind. You heart explodes with all of the magical possibilities that Christmas promises. As you age, most of this wonderment dissolves into responsibility and rationale. However one thing holds true, tis better to give than to receive. This becomes even more true the older you become. You crave the sense of good nature that overcomes you when someone is truly happy with what you have given them. Finding the right gift can seem nearly impossible most of the time, but Galore is here to help you find the perfect gift. Remember, nothing is impossible this time of year, just ask Rudolph. FYI: Feel free to mix and match men’s and women’s gifts, I know I want a G shock of my own…

Gifts For Women:

1. Tom Ford Sahara Noir $150 at This perfume has a mysterious femme fatale vibe. Tom Ford knows exactly how to make a woman feel feminine and sexy and he bottles it up in Sahara Noir. A must have this season.
2. Jimmy Jane 25k Gold Vibrator at Finding the perfect vibrator is a mission every woman is prepared to spend their entire lives attempting. With the Jimmy Jane vibrator, that mission can be successfully accomplished. A shame it costs nearly as much as a month’s rent. Please Santa?
3. Fendi Buggie: Who doesn’t love stuffed animals? Or more accurately, who doesn’t love designer stuffed animals? These cuties are perfect to wear around your wrist or clip onto your bag. At the very least, you can be confident that they will scare away any animal who attempts to chew on your purse.

4. Learn to Twerk DVD for 29.99 at The biggest dance craze of the season is now on DVD ready for your learning enjoyment. Whether you legitimately want to twerk (please reconsider) or just want to have a little fun when your drunk (probably more accurate), now you too can twerk like Miley Cyrus… well maybe not as well as her.

5. Frederick’s of Hollywood Gift Card at The pinup model lingerie of the stars! Who wouldn’t want to be given the gift of having gams like Betty Paige for Christmas?
6. Ardency Inn smoky eye kit for $39 at I fell hard for this mascara. As a shameless raccoon eye fan, this is the makeup tool for me. It gives you lashes like Betty Boop with none of the Taylor Momsen smear effect.. unless that is what you are going for.
7. Galore Subscription: Because we are the best magazine ever.


Gifts for Men:

1. G Shock Watch: Too poor to afford a Rolex for your man? Fear not, the G shock watch has all of the Cary Grant cache of a Rolex, without having to steal a illion in order to afford it.

2. Ellen Von Unwerth The Story of Olga for $1800 at Photographed by one of the most famed fashion photographers of all time, this kitchy grown up fairy tale lives up to its hefty price. Never fear kitties, if you cannot afford the princely price, it is never too difficult to photograph your own Olga esque adventures…
3. Cooking Classes at A man who cooks is always a keeper, but if he has everything except the talent in the kitchen, now is your chance to buy yourself a little gift disguised as something for him. Your four course meal awaits you!
4. Vianel wallet for $225 at The last word in class comes in the form of the patent leather, prohibition style accessory! Time to throw away that old overstuffed Hollister number at get him something worthy of a full grown guy.
5. Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male cologne for $108 at It comes in a bottle reminiscent of the male physique and smells exactly the way you imagine a bond hero smelling. If you are looking for a scent for your man that makes you think of sexy white swimsuits and well fitting tuxes, this is the gift for you.
6. Absolut Tune: If you love Absolut Vodka but always have a hankering for champagne, you need never make the impossible decision again because Absolut officially makes its own classy beverage! The best part? He can share it with you.

7. Nike Fuel Band for $149 at Everyone knows how committed guys can get to their workouts. Now he can have an accessory that keeps track of how much activity he’s getting. And if he chooses to keep it on in the sack? Well, sex does burn 360 calories…

Written By: Amanda Lang

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