Galore Exclusive: Meet Yeezy’s Favorite Muse Braina Laviena

You might recognize Braina Laviena as the face of Kanye West’s first Adidas Originals collection. West’s muse, Laviena, has come to represent the iconic streetwear look that’s now so popular. “I just wear what’s comfortable or what I feel comfortable in. It definitely did take some years to realize I don’t have to follow trends, and to find the colors and cut of clothes that I prefer. I think it’s less of a development and more of a coming into yourself, accepting and embracing it,” Laviena said.

She showed off her personal style in the HLZ BLZ Fall 2015 lookbook, wearing their XXXPLOSIV collection of baggy jeans, cool leggings, and hockey jerseys. Styled with guages and Timberlands, the looks could easily slip into tomboy territory, but paired with kohl-rimmed eyes and light red lip gloss, Laviena shows that skater style can still be feminine. It’s also in her attitude: “Even if you’re not keeping it feminine, you’re still looking bad ass!” Laviena’s love of unisex clothing even lends itself to the enlightened attitude towards gender that our generation holds. “I have a tendency to see all clothes as unisex, I shop quite often on the men’s section. I think the best thing is the freedom of not having to think, boys or girls? Who cares, you can be both, you can be neither.”

You can pair the look with a pair of high heels for an instant win, tie a hoodie around your waist for a cool layered look, or give new meaning to the tee shirt dress by skipping the pants and wearing a baggy shirt with a pair of sneakers. Get inspiration, below.


Art Direction + Styling: Misslawn

Photography: Alexander Gay

Model: Braina Laviena 

H&MU: Melissa Abad


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