Galore Exclusive: Kayslee Collins Reveals Her Fearlessness in New Video

We’re so stoked to be debuting Kayslee Collins’ new music video for Fearless, which is exactly that. The video is inspired by Basic Instint and anything that references that imagery is a hit in our books. We caught up with Kayslee, who you may remember from an editorial early in the year, to talk about her blossoming musical career.
She’s also been picked to be Playboy’s Miss February, so look out of that issue December 17th. Check out her video and interview below!

Tell us about “Fearless”:
Fearless was inspired by the beginning of a very controversial relationship of mine. It was risky and by most standards “wrong,” but it changed my life for the better. This song is about taking risks in general, using discomfort and fear as a cue to dive in head-first. I find my greatest success and accomplishments come when I toss out the rulebook and jump into something that terrifies me. We have the ability to write our own rules.

What are you fearless of?
Trying new things. There’s no room for fear when it comes to experiencing life. Go for it!

How would you describe your sound?
The body of work I’m releasing right now is considered electro-pop, but with a twist from the past. I’m interested to hear how other people will describe it. I have been in the recording studio since I was a little girl and my sound changes with the seasons. This release is different and I’m excited, just listen!

What are some of your fears?
My biggest fear is of slowing down and not being busy. Also monkeys are a close second, with their freaky teeth and crazy hands! Raccoons too, there’s a bunch in my yard and sometimes they scream at each other, I hate it.

3 artists you love right now:
Chet Faker, Phantogram, Broods.

Dream collab:
There are so many people I would love to work with — Debbie Harry, Action Bronson, Neil Young, Alanis, Chance the Rapper, Leon Bridges and let’s be honest, it probably wouldn’t hurt to get a session with Pharrell!

What’s up next?
I am usually flying across the country for modeling shoots and then squeezing in studio sessions, though 2015 won’t revolve around modeling. I am already planning the next record starting the top of the year and a few other side projects. I want to make a mixtape of me writing and singing over classic Motown instrumentals, just for fun. My first CD was The Supremes Greatest Hits, I was eight and made my mom buy it for me at Brookstone. I hope to preform quite a bit in the coming year as well.

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