Galore Darlings: Pins Conquer CMJ, Style and Begin New Album

If Pins aren’t on your radar you seriously need to get your radar checked. These stylish four girls hail from Manchester and took CMJ by storm with their commanding “glam” rock and undeniable “it” girl factor. Brought together with a shared love of The Distillers and The Misfits: Faith, Lois, Anna and Sophie took the brave leap of forming a band, despite some lack of experience, and ended up with a kick-ass finished product. We caught up between shows at CMJ Music Marathon and talked about urging girls to be themselves, the power of a trusty leather jacket and releasing new material.

by: Shannon Kurlander

[Photo by: Elle Brotherhood ]


Shannon Kurlander - Pins
[Photo by: Shannon Kurlander]

Awesome show last night at (Le) Poisson Rouge! It was great to hear some new songs. Tell me more about the new album.
Faith: We just recorded it out in Joshua Tree. We did seven days recording with Dave Catching from Eagles of Death Metal and Hayden Scott engineering it. It was a really great team and it was really fun. We just spaced out and it was really easy to get into.

When is the album coming out?
Faith: We think May.
Lois: Next year. It’s being mixed right now. We’re going to check out what it’s sounding like in a few days.

“Girls Like Us” is definitely your show-stopper. Can you tell me more about the message behind that song?
Faith: It’s kind of the motto of the Girls Like Us album- being that it’s the title track. It really means to be yourself: not be girls like us but be who you want to be, like we’re doing. We play onstage and interact with each other and the audience, and just interact as a band, the way we want to do it. We’re just trying to preach that message with that song. Just make everyone feel good. It’s a bit like…what’s the word?
Lois: Gary Glitter
Faith: It’s a bit like…what? Oh, a bit glam.
Lois: A foot-stomper
Faith: We didn’t realize until after and then we’re like “shit we’re going to have to keep that.”

It was great to hear a Misfits cover thrown into the mix. In terms of influence and inspiration, what other bands would you put on their level?
Lois: I’m going to say The Distillers.
Faith: Blast from the past. That was from when we were teenagers. We didn’t know each other but The Distillers were our favorite bands.
Lois: The first time I heard Brody singing I was like “this is the best day of my life.” Just this chick singing with such power and conviction. Just doing it how she wants to do it and f*** everyone else.
Faith: I feel the same way about Bikini Kill. They’re one of my favorite bands, especially when I was a teenager. You just have to brave and do what you want to do. It doesn’t even matter if you can play. When we started Anna hadn’t played the bass, just for example, and I hadn’t really sung before. We were like whatever just do it. Now we’re playing and I think it sounds alright.

Do you mind the label “girl band”?
Lois: It’s kind of descriptive. I can’t say I really like it but I’m not angry about it. I prefer guitar band or garage band or something like that.
Faith: I don’t really mind or care. It’s just another term of describing music.
Lois: We get called a Manchester band all the time. It kind of just means nothing anyway. I mean, we don’t sound like Manchester.

Let’s talk fashion because you girls are incredibly stylish. What are some essentials when packing for tour?
Faith: Our suitcases are really small, they are just carry-on ones.
Lois: We actually planned it this time. We’ve been away for a month and we’re going to the desert, we’re going to New York, Canada-
Faith: It’s raining, it’s hot and we’re here where you don’t know what kind of weather it’s going to be. But essentials: I brought my trusty leather jacket. It’s either this or a denim one.
Lois: My essentials would be smocks, kimono…
Faith: We all have our own little things. Hers is definitely the kimono.

What were some of your CMJ highlights?
Faith: I went to watch a band called Ultimate Painting yesterday, whom I really like and had not seen before.
Lois: Last night we played the Bella Union showcase and we played with Ballet School and Money.
Faith: There was a round stage and lights.
Lois: We also played with September Girls the first day we got here at Cameo Gallery. We played with them a few times and it was so much fun. We were out until 5 in the morning and we were really sorry for ourselves the next day. It was one of those nights where everyone was crazy and every direction you looked something was happening. You think “how did I get here and what is going on?”

What else is next for Pins? Anything on your radar with Haus of Pins?
Faith: We just did a split for record store day with Eternal Summers on one side and Brown Brogues, from the UK, on the other side. Then we’re going to do a reissue of the Hymns tape, which was a Christmas compilation of some of our favorite bands. That’s coming soon.
Lois: We put all the money towards charity for that one…there are a few other bands we want to work with but we have not told them yet so we will see what happens.

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