Galore Darlings: New Myths Are Making Noise & Taking Names

This is Spinal Tap brought together Brit Boras, Marina Ross and Rosie Slater- who now form the new wave, pop-rock group New Myths, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. The NYC trio pack a stylish punch of dark, slinky and most certainly catchy pop music. The girls have taken NYC by storm and are now out to conquer the world with their upcoming album, Give Me Noise . We chatted about the new record, the brilliance of Bowie and the best place for a Brooklyn doughnut.


by: Shannon Kurlander

How did you all form New Myths and what was the process like finding a distinct sound?
It was kind of serendipitous. We all knew each other separately but not together until we actually started playing as a group. Years before we formed, Brit and Marina were going to the same high school while Marina and Rosie were playing together in another band. Brit later met Rosie at the music school they attended together for college, studying jazz. Eventually we put the pieces together and Brit suggested we start playing music. Amusingly, this was motivated by Brit watching Spinal Tap.


I read that you’re influenced by David Bowie: What is your favorite David Bowie era?
David Bowie is such an amazing artist, both aurally and visually. He creates a theatrical and distinctive vibe, which is something we definitely strive for in our live shows. He’s such a dynamic artist that it’s really impossible to pick one era. A little while ago we were really into Young Americans, but at the moment we can’t stop listening to Heroes. Next week we’ll probably be obsessed with Earthling or Aladdin Sane.

Tell us about your debut album coming out in October!
Our debut album, coming out October 14th, is called Give Me Noise – which is the title of the digital bonus track. We have been writing, recording, and sort of figuring out who we are as a band throughout the process of creating this album, and are so excited to share what we have come out with. It’s definitely a mix of new wave, pop, hard rock, and atmospheric sounds. Every track is very different but still represents us 100%.

Being an emerging band and being all girls, do you get annoyed with people labeling you a “girl group” or “all female band”?
Yes and no.  We are a band made up entirely of women and we are really proud of that, but we became a band first-and-foremost because we wanted to make music together.  It seems that, without realizing it, people have decided that “girl band” is a genre as opposed to a way of describing the members of a band. There are lots of amazing bands made up of women and they are all very different as far as genre goes. We’ve had people who’ve never heard us before assume we are surf rock because we are girls or we’ve even gotten that people think we sing and dance like the Spice Girls because we are a “girl group” which is definitely not the case – though we do totally love the Spice Girls. Being in an all girl band is a blast and we are so proud to be all women, but we try to not lead with it as a representative of who we are as a band.

What are some of your favorite hidden gems in Brooklyn?
Old Stanleys is a new bar that opened up in Bushwick that is a fun place to go for a drink or to play darts or Big Buck Hunter. Skytown is a great place to go for an amazing burger or whiskey drink. Peter Pan in Greenpoint has amazing coffee and homemade donuts fresh out of the oven.

What’s next? Any big tour plans?
After our record release October 14th we are playing our record release party at Cameo Gallery Friday, October 17th with ARMS, Nicholas Nicholas and Twin Wave– which we are super excited about. After that, we are playing showcases around NYC for CMJ Music Marathon. We are really excited to get out there and start touring but no dates have been solidified as of yet. We are also in the process of filming a music video for our track, “Howl” which we can’t wait to debut!

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