Galore Darlings: Girls Girls Girls Crew Are Taking Over

We love all women groups, so obvs we’re super excited about chatting with these Parisian ladies Girls Girls Girls, made up of DJ Louise Chen and DJ Piu Piu, who created a dope mixtape. Also they’re playing for the first time in NYC this fashion week!


How did Girls Girls Girls come around?
It started off as a party idea, then we organized our first party not really knowing if people were going to be into it. For that first party I booked Piu Piu to come play! She had released a really cool video where she covered “BMF”! A few months later, we decided to officially call it a crew and Piu Piu became an essential member. Over the last year, we continued to develop our parties and on the side we also got booked to DJ around Europe under the moniker “Girls Girls Girls” crew. We’re coming over to New York for the first time and we are stoked!

How did the collab with Piu Piu come about?
We met at the first Girls Girls Girls night edition and later on decided to build the crew and nurture the brand together.

Tell us about the mixtape:
We wanted to make a cool Summer vibes mix with some new songs and throwback ones too. Really just a mixtape that felt representative of us at that particular moment.

Where are we able to listen to it?
On Highsnobiety’s mixcloud and website.

Will you guys be playing soon?
Yes! We will be playing in New York, at Le Bain’s rooftop on September7th from 7-9PM, then London, Paris and Hong Kong! Quite a month of September!

Who would you love collab with next?
We would love to bring Benji B’s London-based Deviation parties to Paris! We’re working on having a Paris edition early next year!

Whats coming up next?
We’re bringing the Girls Girls Girls party to a new venue in Paris. The parties will take place at Faust from October onwards and we’re scheming to bring more cool acts and surprises to town.


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