Galore Darlings: Founders of New Bushwick Make-Up Brand Alchemy

We always love to support local businesses, so we we’re so happy to find out about the Bushwick make up brand Alchemy that’s launching in the next month. We got a sneak peek of their lipstick and it’s dope. Check out what the founders Barbara Alcazar & Christina Hiatt had to say about their brand. You can purchase at Self Salon where they work!

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How did Alchemy come about?
Christina: We just wanted to make bangin’ lip color available to all the babes in North Brooklyn.
Barbara: I was tired of having to go to Manhattan to buy quality lipstick I wanted to have a good variety and quality in my own neighborhood

Why the name Alchemy?
Alchemy has a vague and fabled definition, but it always centers on transformation- whether it be through science, magic, religion etc. We liked the idea of a cosmetic that transforms you into the best version of yourself.

What are the lipsticks names after?
The names for the lipsticks came from Bushwick streets and landmarks. Bushwick Barbie;
Hart Break Hotel; Maria Hernandez Red; Weekends on Wyckoff etc

What’s different about your make-up brand?
The brand is an expression of who we are and who we want to be. As hairdressers, we strive to put our best face forward every day, literally and figuratively. One way in which we do that is by helping our clients creating an image for them selves in which they feel confident: like they could go out and change the world. This is just an extension of that.

What kind of make up do you offer?
Creamy matte lip color that packs a lot of pigment.


What’s the benefit of operating out of Bushwick?
We love living and working in Bushwick because the neighborhood pulsates with creativity and authenticity. We are as much inspired by the people who have called Bushwick home for generations as we are the young artists and business owners who populate the streets today.

What’s your fave make up brand that’s not your own?
C: Dior. they make this incredible blue mascara that I cant live with out.

B: I think makeup like clothes for me works best when you mix and match different brands. Theres a bit of everything in my makeup bag.

What’s coming up next?
High intensity glosses which can be paired with our matte lip colors to enhance shades and create new hues or simply on their own.

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