Galore Darlings: Deap Vally @ Amoeba Tonight, Here Are Their 5 Top Records

Deap Vally, featured in our Music & Friendship issue, are nothing short of a dope female duo who are exceptionally talented. Tonight at Amoeba Hollywood, they will be performing which if you’re in LA, you have to go to. To celebrate this awesome event later we asked Linsey and Julie what their favorite records of all time are. Check it out!


Lindsey’s Fave Records of All Time

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Fever to tell
This album is the sound of youth and rebellion, of wild nights and newfound freedoms and spirited self-expression. It’s fun and it’s fierce and it’s so full of life. I wouldn’t be who I am without this record.

Elliott Smith – Elliott Smith
This record is an involuntary meditation; when I listen to it all the ugliness and clutter is stripped from my mind and I am left crystal clear.
Elliott Smith

John Lennon – Plastic Ono band
This is the most beautifully unhinged, raw, and emotive album I’ve ever heard. If I ever question the meaning of art, all I have to do is listen to this record and I remember.

Beach House – Teen Dream
I became addicted to this record on tour last year. It was my coping mechanism with which I would escape from the hectic buzz of tour and float into the weightless world of cotton candy clouds, colored sunsets, and salty breezes.

Tame Impala – Lonerism
This record is truly otherworldly, and I can’t help but wonder: how can a human being create something this perfect?

Julie’s Random Favorite Creepy/Downer Records of All Time

Broadcast – the Noise Made by People
Is it just me, or is this also the soundtrack to the movie Seven. It is so tragic that singer Trish Keenan died. I would have liked many more records to come from this band for the rest of my life. Broadcast was a band that made truly cinematic, orchestral, inventive, and (of course) creepy, tunes.

Elliott Smith – Either/Or
Elliott’s songs are like novellas, wrapped in complicated yet accessible melodies, transitions, and time signatures. He was a true genius and poet of our time. I could listen to this record on repeat for days on end without tiring of it. And I have.

PJ Harvey – White Chalk

This record leads you with a pale white hand into a haunted world full of the ghosts of children. Yikes… in the most awesome of ways.

Thom Yorke – Eraser
Soooooooooo good and creepy and suspenseful. I have even come to love this record more than Radiohead, which, considering my history of Radiohead-addiction, is saying A LOT. I really get off on Harrowdown Hill.

Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here
There was a pure time in the universe, a time before Fred Durst destroyed my experience of the title song off this record. Pink Floyd are the kings of making you feel uneasy (listen to Piper at the Gates of Dawn, for example– there are tracks on there that will literally scare you if you’re alone). This record is equal parts creepy, sentimental, sad, and critical of the music industry machine (a fave topic of mine…)

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