Galore Darlings: Bleached Talk New EP “For The Feel” & Fashion Inspiration From Jodie Foster

Jennifer and Jessie Clavin make up the babely sister act, Bleached. After their debut album Ride Your Heart, the girls have been surfing the waves of popularity. Now Bleached are coming out with For The Feel, an EP with roots from their childhood influences like The Kinks, The Damned and The Rolling Stones. We chatted about the new release, running away from home and why Jodie Foster provides some surprising fashion inspiration.

Interview by Shannon Kurlander


I want to start by talking about the sibling band bond. Was music always a family endeavor?
Jennifer: Yeah we grew up with our parents both in music. Our dad plays guitar and our mom sang all the time. We would go to family barbeques and our parents would perform. I feel like Jessie and I were never a part of it with our parents, we always just watched them do it. So we went our own direction with music and I think that’s why we got into punk and stuff. We went a different route than our family doing music.
Jessie: There was always the equipment around us so we always had access. We could just pick up the guitar and start playing.

Were there any other early signs that you would be performers?
Jennifer: We were in this acting group school called Lee Strasberg in Hollywood. I think it’s a really famous acting thing.
Jessie: Our parents put us in that and we would do plays all the time.
Jennifer: And Jessie was always in the school play.
Jessie: I was Sarah Brown in “Guys and Dolls”

How did forming your band (Mika Miko) start in high school?
Jennifer: We would go to shows every weekend and we went to this show that had a band with two girls in it and I was like, “oh wait, why don’t we start our own band?” We went home and Jessie knew how to play bass and I could play different guitars. And we would get friends that lived closest to us who could drive, because we couldn’t drive, to be in the band. We just all started playing together and teaching ourselves how to play. Then it was really fun. It was a whole new world playing shows in L.A. while we were in high school.

Were your parents okay with that? Were they protective about you going out and playing shows on your own?
Jessie: I feel like our parents were too okay with it. I feel like they never even asked “where are you guys?” or “what are you doing?” Now they are our number one fans.
Jennifer: I think I ran away from home to like…run away from home. My parents didn’t even ask where I was.
Jessie: When Jen ran away from home she had these big creepers on and I saw her over down on Melrose and her feet were really bloody. In the valley we were very isolated so you had to walk pretty far to get to the bus. I remember her being like “Jess look at my feet” and she was wearing white socks with her creepers and they were all bloody.

What was life like after your debut Ride Your Heart released?
Jennifer: We were doing a bunch of things with Bleached that I always wanted to do with the band, like going to Europe to do press tours. That’s one of my most favorite memories because we just got put in these really awesome hotels every night and we would just do a bunch of interviews. It was really exhausting too because we were so jet lagged but we just got a bunch of good food and traveled. Just going on tour with Bleached, going to Europe a bunch of times. We just went to Mexico, which we never played Mexico. We have just been playing a lot of big shows,
Jessie: The House of Howdy got really good. Just playing for a ton of people that are so excited to see you… that’s really awesome. I feel like that’s the thing Jen and I love the most about touring and playing, which is just getting bigger and bigger as we do it, are the fans and the people. The fans that are like “sign this” or “sign that” or the girl that came on stage and kissed Jen while she was playing. It’s just so rad. That’s what keeps us going and why we love doing it.

Your latest single “For The Feel” is inspired by The Kinks. What is your personal favorite Kinks song?
Jessie: The Kinks have so many different eras to them. They went through a ‘60s phase and late ‘60s- ‘70s they had a new style. I love that about bands, when they go through new styles and new generations. I want to say for me my favorite Kinks era is the early ‘60s and then my favorite Kinks song is ‘70s “This Time Tomorrow”
Jennifer: “Tired of Waiting For You”

Tell me more about your new EP.
Jennifer: The A-side is “For The Feel” which, as you were saying, is inspired by The Kinks and then the B-side is two covers. One is by The Damned, which is more the punk we grew up on, and the other song is this song called “Poison Ivy” by The Coasters. I thought it was a Rolling Stones song at first, which it sort of was, and I hadn’t heard it since I was a kid. When I searched for it I found it was actually done by The Coasters but we were trying to figure out if we should do it in the key of The Rolling Stones or The Coasters. We did it more like The Coasters, which worked out because if we ended up doing it like the Stones it would have just sounded like The Rolling Stones.
Jessie: Every time I try to learn or cover the Stones it feels impossible to do because they have such a unique sound. They just have that sound where you can’t cover it without it sounding like karaoke.

Who do you look to for fashion inspiration and what is an item on your want list?
Jennifer: I’m always inspired by Bridgitte Bardot.
Jessie: It changes but I feel like lately mine has been The Go-Gos. When the lead guitar player wears her blazer and her hair. We grew up always dressing like that a little bit.
Jennifer: On my want list is a pair of shoes that Jodie Foster wears in Taxi Driver. Her whole style in that movie.
Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 11.18.22 AM

Bleached is quintessentially L.A. What are the best ways to spend the summer in L.A.?
Jennifer: Finding a secret beach off Malibu. Going to the grocery store, packing a lunch and going there with friends. When I think summer in L.A. that’s the first thing I think of.
Jessie: Definitely something involving water: the pool or beach or something.

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