Galore Darling: We Talk To Slutever’s Karley Sciortino About How To Write On Sex

If our generation is being defined by the increasing strength of social media and the internet celebrity, then our cultural philosophers and modern day Shakespeares would have to be the internet blogger. In a time when feminism being emblazoned in the background at a Beyonce performance and sex is hardly blinked at in the movies, Slutever’s Karley Sciortino is safely in her element. With her Breathless column in Vogue and regular videos with Vice, Sciortino is our modern day Georges Sand ( minust the need for a pseudonym). Smart, sexy and ready to take over the world, Karley is an ideal Galore girl.


Why did you start Slutever?
I allways liked reading and writing but when I was younger I definitely fell into that childhood dream of wanting to be an actress. I moved to London for drama at 17 but when I got there I realized that I wasn’t as passionate about it as most of the other people there. I ended up dropping out and was aimless pretty aimless for a while. Eventually my friend who worked at Dazed & Confused magazine asked me if I wanted to intern for her. Working there was when I realized that I really liked the atmosphere. It was just a cool group of people. I wrote about music and art and it just felt so cultured. At the time I was squatting in a commune in London with 15 people at an abandoned hostel. I would see the most crazy things: random parties, start up musician and artists, homeless Romanian people would just come and stay there with us all. So I started a blog to document what happened in the house, I didn’t know it was going to be a career, eventually it just evolved into a sex blog. But at first it was more about telling stories. Writing has been really romanticized by the beats, Carrie Bradshaw and Lena Dunham. You imagine writing as the New Yorker, but it’s not really like that. Writing is nerdy and glamorous but it’s also the hardest career ever.

How did you end up writing for Vogue?
I was already writing about sex for the blog and other publications like Jezebel and Oyster when Vogue contacted me and wanted me to write a few one off pieces, mostly about what it was like writing for the internet. Eventually they had me start something regular. They wanted something thoughtful but not trashy. It started tame stuff about Tinder or whatever but once it got popular, they let me be more free.

Did you ever dare to dream your writing would become as popular as it did?
I realized once the blog got more attention that it was going to be big. I honestly had no second thoughts. I remember getting my first cover feature for Dazed and my parents had it framed. I mostly dreamed about writing for respected publications. I am really excited to write for people who don’t necessarily know about me.

Were you surprised at the positive response?
There’s always positive and negative. On the blog people who read it generally like it because they find me from looking on the internet for writing like mine. Writing for Vice or Jezebel gets more hate. That’s just the nature of hate comments. Sometimes I get off on hate comments because they are just so bitter. The worst is when the comments are actually true.

Why do you think this generation is more open to sex?
I can see the difference between my parents and me. The world is becoming more and more liberal. It’s about access to knowledge. A lack of fear. Things become more socially acceptable and people are less afraid to share. Are there more people who are kinky now or are people just more open about it? You can find a community of people like you no matter what because of the internet. There is always a hope that you can get out of your small town because there is so much knowledge about the rest of the world. Don’t torture yourself by staying in a place where you cant live the life you want.

Thoughts on the feminist debate:
I never set out to be a feminist blog or columnist. It comes from a feminist perspective but labeling yourself a feminist can pigeonhole you. It’s more interesting to open yourself up to a wider audience as a person. I am a feminist but I don’t need to be only that. The most powerful thing a feminist can do is become a smart successful woman who supports other women.

What is your goal?
Write more for film and tv. I recently worked on a movie script. Ideally it will come out next year. It’s an independent project and I am working with a director now. You never know it’s for certain until it exists but it’s underway. I really enjoyed working in a different format. The project is a dark comedy, a sexual coming of age story about a girl who after grad school starts dating an older, famous artist who controls her life and it’s about someone finding the boundary between fantasy and reality. I am hoopig to write more scripts- something about open relationships.

Craziest sex story:
One of my recent vogue articles was about my first ever sex party. I like group sex, but I don’t know about a party with 200 people there. But it was interesting and I’ve gone to another one after that one. It was pretty voyeuristic. A really sexy environment, the closest to the sex party in Eyes Wide Shut I think I’ll ever get to. Everyone’s so nice and attractive and interesting. Walking from room to room and everyones having sex, it’s a strange but beautiful experience.

Fav sex toy/ position:
Tanga has these vibrators that are really amazing, called Roha. They’re these squishy discreet vibrators which aren’t loud and feel amazing. I like every position, it depends.

Sex playlist:
I don’t like having sex to music, it dictates the mood so much. It changes my behavior. My ex played this Peruvian flute music and that was the only thing i’ve ever enjoyed.

Advice for writers?
Honesty is the best quality. I loved Tavi’s blog because it didn’t feel affected or pretentious. Just, these are my insecurities, this is who I am. Just being open. Lena Dunham said something about using embarrassment as a tool for connection. It’s easier for someone to connect to what feels real to them.


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