Galore Darling: We Get Artsy With PULSE Director Helen Toomer

We were lucky enough to chat to Helen Toomer, director of Pulse Contemporary Art Fair. It’s always awesome to see women leading the pack, so obvs we wanted to learn more about Helen’s position and what Pulse is all about. Take a look and what she had to say below! Also pics from the Pulse event PULSE Presents tonight at the Metropolitan Pavilion, that took place on Friday.

Photos by Nicki Sebastian

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Were you ever an artist yourself?
Most recently, I was Director and part of the team that launched the Collective Design Fair last May in New York. Prior to that, I owned a gallery in the Lower East Side called Toomer Labzda, which was devoted to highlighting emerging artists, and has provided me with a unique perspective as a fair Director. Ironically, what brought me over to the US in the first place was PULSE, as I served as the fair’s Communications Director during its infancy years.

Tell us about Pulse
PULSE is a platform for discovering contemporary art and emphasizing its commitment to embracing emerging and seasoned artists. Approximately 50 international exhibitors are presenting an eclectic variety of artworks that encompasses everything from photography and mixed media to film and performance art within The Metropolitan Pavilion.

What does being the director entail?
As Director, I am excited to take the reigns and breathe new life into PULSE. This edition in New York presents an opportunity to reestablish PULSE’s foundation of quality and discovery, characteristics that were established nearly 10 years ago. We’ve made noticeable changes to the look, feel, and energy of the fair so that visitors and exhibitors are really encouraged to engage and not be overwhelmed by what is presented in front of them.

Who are 5 contemporary artist to watch?
There is so much to see that it really wouldn’t be fair for me to pick ‘favorites’. I think your readers should come enjoy the fair and experience the exhibits themselves.

What are some of your fave galleries in the city?
That’s an impossible question to answer! It changes all the time, and I like to be surprised.

What’s coming up next for you?
PULSE Miami will be our ten year anniversary, so this is definitely a significant and celebratory milestone for the team. We will also be continuing our PULSE Presents programming by hosting off-season events throughout the year.

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