Galore Darling: UFC Ring Girl Of The Year Brittney Palmer Shares Her Octagon Life

We’re lucky enough to chat to the badass bombshell Brittney Palmer about her life as an Octagon girl, and what folks may not know about life in the UFC world. She talks about some of her favorite moments and tips on how to keep in good shape this summer. Check it out!

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Tell us what it means to be an Octagon girl:
Contrary to what some believe, being an “Octagon Girl” is not just about walking around in a circle with a ring card between rounds. Being a UFC Octagon Girl really entails being a global spokesmodel for the UFC. We do a lot of media appearances in various cities to promote Pay Per View events and we do a lot of dinners (both charity and sponsor events) and appearances to represent the UFC and it’s sponsors and partners. So we really need to be knowledgable on the sport and ultimately love the UFC – this way our enthusiasm rubs off on people who may not have been exposed to the sport and what it’s all about! If we can get just one new fan to come along to a live Pay Per View event when we come to their city – that fan will experience the greatest live sporting event in the world today – there is really nothing like it. They will then go back home and start watching the fights on Pay Per View and their friends will become UFC fans too. That’s why the sport is the fastest growing sport in the world – it’s the most exciting live sporting event ever put on and it’s so contagious – once you have come to a live event and seen the abilities of our athletes and the energy in the stadium – you’re hooked. I have been a part of the UFC organization for 7 years now and I still am extremely excited to go to work!

What’s it like being the UFC Ring Girl of the year?
This is my second year in a row holding this title. It’s really cool to be acknowledged as one of the best of what I do. Makes a girl feel really special. Thanks to all the fans who voted for me!

How did you get into it?
I’m from Vegas originally and I was a professional dancer right out of high school. I have been a magicians assistant and held my own in a burlesque show at the flamingo. Being in the entertainment industry, I also worked with several modeling agencies and one day my agent called me for an audition to be the Ring Card Girl for the WEC. The WEC was a Vegas based Mixed Martial Arts promotion that featured primarily lighter weight class fighters. The UFC ultimately bought the WEC and the fighters from the WEC moved across to the UFC. I was lucky enough to also be brought across in the merger and have been with them ever since.

It’s bikini season, what are some of your top tips for keeping your butt in shape?
I am an avid spin cyclist! It is amazing for your butt, core and if you grab some light weights, your arms!

What do your drink/eat to make sure your hydrated and energized in the hot weather?
Good ole H2O! I never have a meal without it. I don’t bother with sodas or juices, unless of course alcohol is added.

What has been your fave moments so far?

My wedding day was such an amazing magical day, truly a day I will never forget. I’m extremely lucky to have found my soulmate and best friend, who now is my husband.

What’s coming up for you next?
I’m in the middle of putting my art pieces together for an art show in Vegas this July, where I’ll be representing the UFC. So this is an extreme honor and perfection is my goal. My 2015 calendar is shot and about to launch, this year Redbury hotel in Hollywood sponsored it, so amazing! And of course being a wife, the best part of the whole thing!

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