Galore Darling: Taryn Manning on the New Season of Orange is the New Black

If you’ve never seen Orange is the New Black I feel really bad for you. You’re not only missing out on one hell of a show, you’re also missing out on Taryn Manning‘s amazing portrayal of Pennsatucky, who could simply be described as a crazy christian but that’s not at all sufficient. We chatted on the phone about whats coming up in the new season that was released on Netflix today, the complexities of her character, and what else she’s got going on!

Interview by Frankie Decaiza Hutchinson

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How excited about the new season are you?
I’m very excited. I was with Uzo today, she was talking about being nervous, she does plays too so that’s how she gets before shows. Everyone is really excited. I got really excited after the premier. It’s really powerful. It really has a bit of every emotion, I’m constantly impressed by the way they’ve put this show together.

Has the show orange is the new black changed your perspective of life for prisoners in any way?
We’ve spent a lot of time working with women’s prison charities and they’re so happy that there’s a show out like this. A lot of women are in prison for things that happened in their love life, like the way men have maybe treated them bad and they’ve reacted to it.

Being in this show takes you back to your childhood, growing up we didn’t have money so my brother and I made our own fun and things to do- similarly in the show we’re in our purest form and have to be resourceful.

Can you give us a small idea as to what are some of the developments we can expect this season from your character Pennsatucky?
I feel like there’s a part of her that felt invincible, which is a defense mechanism from her past. She grew up with all brothers. She’s a bully, and most bullies have a past of being bullied. This season she kind of realizes she’s not invincible, and starts questioning what she was taught to believe in.

Do you identify with your character and her decisions?
I identify with her in terms of we all make mistakes, but she for sure is not totally sound. However I do believe there’s hope for her.

When you’re out & about as regular Taryn, do people react to you like your Pennsatucky?
The waiter at this restaurant approached me as I was getting into a cab and said “so did you die” and I was like “did who die?”[laughs]

What other things are going on for Taryn?
I’m creating a web series! My best friend and I have been working on it for years and we’re getting pretty close to it happening.

I also DJ quite often, I make music and I’m hoping to put out a song- a big dance song called “Put Your Arms Around Me” which I want to release in a few weeks, to switch things up from OITNB!

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