Galore Darling: Sara Malakul Lane on Acting in USA v Thailand

You may remember the editorial we posted a short while ago by The Head Huntr, featuring Thai actress Sara Malakul Lane. Well it was awesome, as is this lovely lady. Here’s some previously unseen pix from the soot and our interview with her!


Tell us about your acting career in Thailand:
I was an actress on a bunch of different soap operas in Thailand. I started at 14 years old on a teen show similar to 90210. My most popular one was when I was around 17, it was a ghost /horror story that the entire country was addicted to.

How would describe the entertainment industry out there?
The industry in thailand is pretty big. Its a country of over 70 million so you can build a good fan base. The country is very conservative. I never had to do a kissing scene until I came to America. But in terms of production its pretty similar to Hollywood, just on a smaller scale.

How have you found acting in the states? How is different than Thailand?
Acting-wise the competition here in the US is much higher. You have to be really good just to get your foot in the door. My first film was shot in Thailand and I was hired as local talent which is a good way to get in, get to know people and get an agent / manager.

What city are you in? what do you like best about it?
I live in Los Angeles. I love the lifestyle, the canyons, the beach and the generally positive vibe. I also like that its a city full of hope. Everyone has a dream.

Who are some of your favorite actresses at the moment?
5.) I love Marion Cotillard, Robyn Wright, Kerry Washington.

What’s coming up for you next?
I have Sunchoke, Buddy Hutchins, Cowboys vs Dinos. Currently I am shooting a Zombie Flick.


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