Galore Darling: Obesity & Speeds’ “It’s Showtime” Co-creator Crystal Moselle

If you haven’t checked out Obesity + Speeds new video showcasing their current collection, it’s a must-see. Inspired by the NYC Subway’s “showtime” young teens, filmmaker Crystal Moselle in collaboration with the Obesity team, Lyz Olko & Ruth Gruca, opted for a refreshingly unusual approach to showing style in NYC check it out!

“It’s Showtime” Obesity & Speed from crystal moselle on Vimeo.

How did the idea for the film come about?
I met Malik on the subway and loved his style and overall energy. Lyz and I always are down to do projects together. I had asked Ruth to do some sort of collaboration separately. Then we all vibed on the idea of doing a full collaboration.

Tell us about the development:
We knew we wanted to work on a project with the train dancers, it was just a matter of tracking Malik down. Then Lyz, Ruth and I met to think of ideas of pushing the concept further so it was more then a documentary… We wanted it to be moody, with a distinct style.

How did you find Malik?
I met Malik on the Subway one day and got his number. I knew I wanted him to feature in one of my films, but was just waiting for the right opportunity. Six months later Lyz and I came up with this idea of documenting a train dancer. I called him up and realized it was his mom’s number (he was 17 at the time and didn’t have a phone yet). He would never call me back so finally I just asked the mom for their address in the Bronx. I went up there the next day and just knocked on their door. They pretended like he didn’t live there but finally let me in. I hung out with them for hours. We talked about all kinds of esoterica, aliens, the meaning of life! He has a real presence, great energy and style.

What are you trying to convey?
Our goal was to create a film that was partly a documentary, but not in a traditional sense. A snap shot of Malik’s world, with a surrealistic edge

What do you want people to take from it?
I think that we want people to see the life behind a kid who is passionate and expresses himself through dance. There has been a lot of controversy on this art form lately. The city council trying to shut it down. We understand it can be dangerous, but its largely positive: a form of expression and a hustle, and part of the fabric of New York City. It would be a real shame to see it go.

Where can we watch it?
On Vimeo! We just got staff picked which was awesome

What’s coming up next?
Lyz and I will always collaborate on things together… it usually comes to us. It was really fun to bring Ruth into the mix as well, she’s a total creative genius. I am working on a documentary called Wolfpack on six brothers growing up on the LES. Can’t say much more about it right now, it’s nearly finished though.


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