Galore Darling: Nola Palmer Talks About Her Passion For Film & Buzz Bar Ice Cream

Galore darling and dear friend Nola Palmer was in attendance at our Cinco de Mayo bash, and enjoyed the treats brought by Amazon Bevs, Dobel Tequila and Buzz Bar Ice Cream. We took a moment on roof to find out what her passions are at the moment and what kind of Buzz bar buzz she likes.


How long have you lived in the city for?
5 years but I took classes at FIT when I was in high school so I came every weekend.

What’s your favorite Buzz Bar flavor?
Definitely Bourbon St Chocolate! So good!

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So, what is it that you want to do?

I really want to be a filmmaker. Cassavetes is my favorite American filmmaker. I am a big fan of these directors who have also been actors. They have a better understanding of how to work with an actor. Music is so important to the score of a film and I also love singing. As an actor transitioning to filmmaking you get to see how directors work and you get a feel for how it is to be in front of the camera.

Have you started any film projects in that way?
Kind of. I’ve been interested in finding people who interest me.There are people who have been inspiring me to come up with the first film that I am interested in making. A writer who I adore and who lives in London, Francesca Passacantando, and she is helping me write the screenplay. I love film and I had a weird moment where all I did was watch films and then I would be around people and I couldn’t discuss anything with them because I all did was relate everything back to a film.

Three of your favorite films
Husbands, that’s my favorite Cassavetes film, Buddy Blue, because I f***ing love Betty Blue, because I f***ing love Beatrice Dalle, my dog is named after her and whenever she gets in trouble it’s just like “Beatrice Dalle come here!”, and Wings of Desire.

Favorite film of this year?
I’m going to be cliché because I love women but Blue is the Warmest Color was amazing. I loved that it got away with its kind of pornographic imagery, and it still told a story and it didn’t seem exploitive. My boyfriend is into film as well, that’s how we kind of started, was bonding over our love for film. I hadn’t really seen anything past the 80’s and he hadn’t really seen anything from before then so he shows me things that I haven’t seen yet like Schenectady, New York, ruined me! It was my whole philosophy for life. The ending is so intense. I’m obsessed with Kaufman’s writing. The way that he tells these stories that are so abstract, and sometimes you’re lost until the end and then it just all comes together, and you’re like “What?” and then you die a little. I recently saw “The Skin I Live In”. I like the kind of movies that have massive twists.

What else is coming up for you?
Hopefully working on an album. I might want to do pop music. Right now I just have live shit on SoundCloud.

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