Galore Darling: Ms Nina’s Art Perfectly Reps The Generation

If you haven’t seen Ms Nina’s artwork yet, you’ve been missing out. You may remember our Shay Mitchell cover or the editorial by Palma Wright featuring Lillipore, well that was Ms Nina-ed. Check out her interview with us below!


How do you describe the art you do?
All my images have some pop elements. They’re also fun, different and in my personal style.

What are some of the biggest projects you’ve done?
Having people follow me, show support and collaborating with cool people. Making my first shirts, which will be on sale soon. Making music and having my first show in Madrid.


Where can we see your work?
All over the internet. IG @msninaojorgeline and my Tumblr.

What would you like to work on next?
I’m working on making my shirts. It’s really exciting to have people wearing my art, more than anything having a good time and just enjoying myself

What’s coming up for you?
Make more and more art and working to make things happen!




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