Galore Darling: Mozart’s Sister Is So Dope She Could Be Related to Mozart

We love new artists on the scene, so naturally we were so excited to chat to Mozart’s Sister– hot new singer/songwriter who’s killin’ it and we can’t wait for more from this darling.


What’s the story behind the name Mozart’s Sister?
It was first a song. I wrote the song with this whole idea of a storyline and imagery and stuff. I wanted to make a video of me competing for my father’s attention with my little brother who was a fraction of my age. At the time I felt stuck, unnoticed and self-absorbed. I wanted to comment on the realness of the feeling but also hint to how ridiculous the whole this was.

How does your hometown of Montreal influence your music or do you take influence form other surroundings?
Montreal is very diverse and feels non-competitive. Plus you get a lot of out of town groups coming in. There are many scenes that you can glean from and sharing is so integrated here! Sharing at an early stage and not worrying too much about what people think right away. It seems hard in big centers like NY where the minute you do something there is the “threat” of attention! I know attention is often seen as good, but at the beginning it is not so good. Like a child star… can f*** with the ego hard. Montreal is not pretentious and there isn’t much music industry here, so it’s a great place to nurture young dreams.

Tell me about your debut album Being and can you elaborate on what you meant by “riding a wave of light and dark”?
It’s contrast. I love contrast in music. It’s beauty to me. I like trying to give meaning to light with dark and vice versa.

Your album is also available on adorable pink vinyl. What’s your favorite record in your personal vinyl collection?
hmmm… that’s a tough one. I really have a thing for lounge music (Jobim) and the demented sped-up happy-go-lucky commercial music of Les Paul. I have Stone Roses by Jobim and it’s one of my favourites. It’s kind of hilarious but so seductive… like someone who is so unaware of their own goofiness that they just go with it and are ultimately suuuper hot.

You just released the single “Good Thing Bad Thing”. Can you tell me one good thing about yourself and one bad thing?
Oh god. I kinda wish I didn’t write a song with such moralistic binaries… I guess good thing, my perfectionism and bad thing my perfectionism gone to the dark side ie: compulsion and obsession.

What is your dream show lineup (who would you die to play with)?
Hmm… I would love to play with Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah band. They are so theatrical! And funny and make beautiful music. I don’t know if they play anymore though.

What’s the best environment to listen to Mozart’s Sister?
Getting ready to go to the afterparty. Then at the afterparty.


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