Galore Darling: Model Natalie Pack On How She Grew Into A Babe

Bombshell model Natalie Pack, formerly a contestant on America’s Next Top Model and Miss California, shares with us her experiences of being in the industry whilst she juggles school and her other exciting projects. Check out what she had to say!


How did you get into modeling?
By the time I was 14, I was already a staggering 5’10” so I always had people coming up to me asking me if I played volleyball, basketball, or if I did any modeling. Well, since I have very little hand-eye coordination, I deciding to be productive with the height I had been blessed with and tried modeling. I grew up in LA, so my mother took me to the local agencies, and thankfully they saw something in my gangly, high-school awkwardness.

What was your experience like on America’s Next Top Model?
Enlightening; a chance to see the modeling industry from the top as a newcomer, and to experience the high demands a model may encounter throughout her career. The most important thing I would love for people to take from ANTM is the way in which the modeling is performed on the show–with respect to the young girls bodies by not revealing or producing any images that degrade women. Tyra is a great role model for all types of women, and I am glad I had her to mentor me during my malleable years as a young model.

What do you think of the show now?
I have not watched the show since my season, almost 6 years ago. To be honest, I haven’t owned a television in over 5 years.

What was it like being Miss California?
Absolutely, positively one of the most amazing years of my life. I stood on a platform to encourage others to find confidence and a higher sense of self by speaking at high schools, local pageants, hospitals, as well as helped grant wishes with Make-A-Wish foundation. As a bonus, I also felt the most aesthetically beautiful then ever before, and really came into my own as a woman.

What drew you into participating in the event?
I was 3/4’s my way through my undergraduate college career as a pre-medical student and found that I would more often fall asleep on a chemistry textbook rather than a pillow. So, I decided to do something for my present self rather than my future self as so many of my generation find difficult do today in this educationally-competitive world. While I was still a model, and found my self getting hair and makeup ready quite a bit for work, this time I was getting ready to walk on stage and proudly present myself, not the clothing I was advertising.


How did it help your career?
I now have a Wikipedia, haha! No but really when it comes to my career, having confidence and being comfortable in your own skin is instilled in you when you’re a beauty pageant titleholder.

5 models you love:
1. Cindy Crawford- we have the same mole.
2. Kathy Ireland- she builds empires.
3. Tyra Banks- started my career.
4. Aaron O’Connell- he’s darn sexy and also my amazing boyfriend.
5. Chrissy Teigen- we would throw a killer dinner party together!

What else coming up for you?
I take the MCAT very soon, then I’m taking a very long vacation! I’m also designing a swimwear line I’m absolutely obsessed with. It’s my baby and I can’t wait for it to launch this summer!

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