Galore Darling: Model Lyndsey Scott Is A Coding, App, Tech Queen

Model Lyndsey Scott has developed some amazing apps based off of her experiences in the fashion industry. We wanted to get into the mind of the coding queen.


We’d love to learn more about the fashion apps you’re developing?
I developed my portfolio app, iPort, specifically with the fashion industry in mind. At the time I created it, it was an app I personally needed — I wanted a way to show off my work in a convenient and beautiful way that would give casting directors the experience of viewing a traditional portfolio, while including some cool additional features that only technology would allow.

How does your experience as a model help in discovering what kinds of apps would be useful?
iPort in particular was entirely based off of my experience as a fashion model. So from the very beginning, I included all the features that would be most useful to me — a way to easily edit, share, and show off my book and a way to always have my vouchers on hand — and luckily, as it turns out, these are features that others in the fashion industry and beyond also need. With iPort, you can easily drag and drop images to edit your portfolio, you can customize your book and table, you can add a logo, you can add a comp card… You can have multiple portfolios. You can easily share your book. I even included a voucher manager so you can fill out vouchers and sign them with your finger. There are a lot of features and I’m always adding more. You can Download iPort for FREE onto your iPad to check it out!


Tell us about how we can use it during fashion week?
A few months back, I added another feature which allows users to add video to their portfolios. So for fashion week, perhaps models can throw in show clips or videos of themselves walking to give the casting director an even better picture of what they’re capable of.

What advice can you give for young women to get into the app game?
Well, the first step is to learn to code! If you’re looking for a place to start, I created an app called Code Made Cool as a fun, silly way to get people, especially young people, into coding. It allows you to drag, drop, and code your way through fantasy scenarios with Ryan Gosling.

What’s coming up next?
I have some exciting things in the works, but you’ll just have to stay tuned to find out!


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