Galore Darling: Mish Way (White Lung) talks “Deep Fantasy” and Feminism

White Lung frontwoman, Mish Way, is anything but just a “girl in a band”. Whether it be her journalistic contributions, bold style, strong viewpoints or fierce onstage personality; Way is a force to be reckoned with. White Lung’s latest album “Deep Fantasy” has received incredibly positive reviews and is their most definitve album to date. We chatted about the new album, her own fantasies and her pick for best Seinfeld moment.

[Photo Credit: Piper Ferguson]

by: Shannon Kurlander

1. “Deep Fantasy” tackles a wide range of topics from feminism to body dysmorphia. Why was it important for you to address these issues?
Because these are things that affect myself and most women, people, for that matter. Mainstream pop does feminism in such a “spice girls” kind of way… It’s so watered down and it plays it so black and white with no real politics, just does things like pit skinny girls as enemies… What’s that Meghan Trainor song? I wanted to talk about these issues with some god damn poetry.

2. What are some of your fantasies?
To own my own house with a garage for my man and a garden for me. To have a lot of flowers. To be domestic, quiet and happy.

3. I read you are a big Courtney Love fan. What is your favorite Hole song or best Love moment?
I adored Courtney when she was at her most controversial and whip smart. 91-94. She’s very intelligent. I only read Backlash when I was 18 because she talked about it in interviews. Hole showed me Young Marble Giants. She helped me find my voice.

4. You’re an excellent writer and critic. What subject would you like to tackle that you haven’t had the chance to write about yet?
I haven’t written a book yet. That’s my ultimate life goal.

5.Tell us about your adventures in Japan for the Fuji Rock Festival.
Japan is a professional, organized, polite country that’s lit up like a video game. I thought it was wild.

6. With so much of yourself on the internet do you worry about maintaing a sense of privacy?
No because I actually do not reveal very much. I tailor a very specific part of myself to expose…. Only my fiancé and my drummer truly know me. I chose the stories I tell about myself. I don’t tweet every moment in my life. I’m actually quite private, though it doesn’t seem that way. I think vulnerability in my written work and music is important…. I throw myself under the bus for the sake of human connection.

7. Favorite Seinfeld moment?
When Kramer is trying to convince Jerry to sleep with the Romanian Olympic gymnast and he says “That sex will melt your face”.

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