Galore Darling: Melissa Brooks (The Aquadolls) Reveals New Solo Album & Her Ultimate Girl Group Dream

Melissa Brooks is the brains and beauty behind beachy psychedelic-pop band, The Aquadolls. Now Brooks is stepping out with a solo album under her own name. We talked about writing material for her new album, her favorite ‘90s trend and who she would recruit for the ultimate girl group.

by: Shannon Kurlander


What pop stars did you grow up idolizing?
I idolized Gwen Stefani… also Britney Spears. I used to do talent shows and I would perform Britney songs.

What was your favorite Britney era?
Britney 2007. If Britney could make it through 2007, I can it make it through my day. Inspiration for sure.

Tell me about playing in L.A. Is there a close-knit music community?
I’m sure there’s a close-knit community but I have yet to fall into one. I have just been kind of focusing on my band and playing shows with whoever. We don’t really feel like we’re part of a community except with our fans.

What’s the best compliment a fan has given you?
Some guy, I’ll never forget, when we played L.A. at The Smell… this guy, who was definitely gay, had makeup and mascara running so bad and he was crying on me. He was like “I love you and when you played ‘Our Love Will Always Remain’ I started making out with my boyfriend. We were crying together.” He was crying on me and it was so sweet and emotional.

How would you describe your style and if you had to pick out an outfit where is the first place you would go?
I would describe my style as a ‘90s-schoolgirl-from-hell-grunge-style. Inspired from the ‘90s. I don’t really go to specific stores I just kind of thrift a lot. I like to go on weekends on this website I really like that has a lot of cool funky pieces that are really bright with cool patterns, plaid and black and white. Most of my closet is black and white.

What is your favorite ‘90s trend?
Definitely tattoo chokers.
Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 6.41.43 PM

I remember getting those from the vending machines as a kid.
I used to have so many when I was a little kid and I probably threw them away and now I’m going on Ebay trying to find them.

The Aquadolls music video for “Wander” debuted a few months back and featured great seaside carnival scenes. What’s your favorite carnival game or ride?
Roller coasters, for sure. I love going on fast rides and making my stomach drop. Going on all those turns and upside-downs…they are my favorite.

Tell me about your debut solo album Psychedelic Love and why that title?
That’s a working title. I don’t know if that’s going to be it for sure. It’s going to be one of the songs. I’m still writing for it right now. I’ve been working with Aaron Greene, who’s a producer based out in Hollywood. We’ve been making these tracks and it’s been a really fun experience, totally different than being in a band. It’s really fun dance-techno-pop songs. I’m really excited to release music.

Anyone you get influence from for your psychedelic pop songs?
I kind of made up the genre of psychedelic pop songs. As far as inspirations go, I really love Grimes with her really cool synth sounds. I really like Charlie XCX, as well.

You have had the chance to open for some powerful women in rock (Dum Dum Girls, Vivian Girls, Jenny Lewis). If you could handcraft a girl group, who would you have in your mega girl group?
I would have Kate Nash play bass, Charlie XCX can sing too… Haim and Sky Ferreira…and we all got together formed this crazy band.

Are you still working with The Aquadolls?
Aquadolls is a solo project…this time is a different genre. I didn’t want to hide behind the band name anymore. Now I just kind of want to come out as myself. “It’s me… I’ve been here the whole time.”

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