Galore Darling: Marta Pozzan On Bringing Italy To LA Fashion

We caught up with fashion blogger extraordinaire Marta Pozzan, who shared with us all her best fashion tips, her move from Italy to LA and what’s coming up next for the fashion darling.


How did the blog come about?
I’ve always wanted to start a blog but it took me a while to do it, there was always something that was holding me back, I couldn’t think of it as an actual job so it wasn’t an easy process but I had it clear in my mind, I just had to do it. And then I finally did, in 2012, after moving to LA. Living here inspired me to try new things and to be brave about my career choices. My blog is called It’s Super because when I see the perfect look put together it’s more than fashion, ‘It’s Super Fashion’, it’s kind of that feeling that you have when you see something and you just know it’s right, it couldn’t be otherwise.

Why the move to LA?
I remember my first time in LA, I was 18 and I came here in the summer to take some English classes. I simply fell in love with the city, it’s lifestyle, it’s vibe and thought I was meant to be here. Usuallly Italians tend to move to NY if they have the chance to live in the US becasue it’s much closer to home and somehow more European of a city in general. But I wanted to be in LA, I just knew it. After I got back to Italy from my first trip to LA – and to US actually – I went to college in Milan, started to work in fashion and graduated as soon as possible in order to pack all my stuff and go back to LA. I was considering living in London at first since I wanted to attend an MFA in Fashion Journalism at the Central Saint Martins Academy but after applying I realized that LA was still my first choice. So here I am, running my blog, auditioning, doing commercials and shorts, following my passions.

What are some of the main differences in style between LA & Italy?
People in LA like to wear very casual and comfortable clothes whereas in Italy – exspecially in Milan – people love to dress up even to just do some grocery shopping. Italians love a good coat, nice blazers and suits, men and women included. We love to layer a lot and we kind of have to since the weather is not the same as in the ever bright and warm LA. And even now, after moving, my style is still very European, I like to look more masculine than girls in here, I love loafers, boots, trench coats and oversized T-shirts. Let’s face it, I’m not the perfect Cali girl, I mean I love it here but wearing shorts and flip flops is not my thing… I’ll always have a very European style … And sometimes I miss my winter outfits!

3 fave stores in Italy
When I am in Milan I go to this amazing shoe store, Stiu; they have a great selection of edgy and funky shoes, like flatforms, sneakers and creepers. Corso Como 10 is a must see shop and as much I know it by heart I always take a walk in when I’m there; they have amazing avant-gard Japanese designers, the coolest sunglasses and capsule collections ever. I also love Antonia, a new high-end designers store in Brera, one of my favorite parts of town.

3 fave stores LA
My favorite store in LA is and will always be Opening Ceremony, it’s just perfection every time I go there and they sell Simone Rocha who’s like the new Christopher Kane, I’m obsessed with that brand. For beauty products I go to Selects, a new all brit inspired store owned by my dear friend Benjamin and the salon – Salon Benjamin – is right next to it. It’s literally the coolest little shop on Melrose and the brands you can find there are the best quality ones – Rodin, Caudlie, Rahua, Cabella and more. I don’t go the West side that often but when I do I love to shop at Satine, I was just there the other day and saw some amazing Sonia Rykiel skirts and Carven shoes.

What are some trends to expect this summer?
One of the biggest trends this summer will defenitely be the all-white platform shoes, I already see them everywhere and the brands that made the most wanted ones are Miista shoes, Shellys London and Alexander Wang. I think color blocking neoprene tops and swimwear are going to hit it big as well, Tommy Hilfiger designed some pretty cool ones. Also the sandals ‘a la Birkenstiock’ are very in this season, in white, black and patent leather, to wear with socks for a more tomboyish look.

Favorite place to buy a bikini?
Best – and unfortunately most expensive – place to buy a bikini is Eres. Their beautiful store is located in Beverly Hills and you just can’t miss it, the windows have always super creative and innovative concepts. The French brand does swimwear like no others. Their pieces can be easily worn as part of an outfit like harem pants or a skirt with a blazer on top because they’re extremely sophisticated and unique that could look like ready to wear items.

What’s coming up for you?
I’m excited to announce my first collaboration with GUESS featuring their Eyewear collection for a series of posts I’ll be doing throughout May and June. I also just shot an amazing video with NYLON TV and I’m working on other super cool collaborations that involve the blog and fashion. On the other hand, I’m also doing commercials and print jobs and developing ideas for webseries and short films. Keeping it cool and creative basically!

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