Galore Darling: Magic Wands’ Dexy Valentine New Musical Band Bonfire Beach

Dexy Valentine of Magic Wands took a moment top talk to us about eyer new music venture Bonfire Beach, which we’re super excited about. Check out what she had to say and her music video below!


How was it starting a band?
I’ve been playing music since I was sixteen. I remember the first time I started a band feeling like I was embarking on a lifelong journey that wouldn’t be as easy as finishing up school and getting a day job but I didn’t really care and made the commitment. I actually started Bonfire Beach before Magic Wands but it ended up getting put on hold for a long time, I recently got all the original members in one room & we became a band again.

Fave song on the new record
Electric ocean, it’s one of the slowest song on the record but it’s a good song to escape to.

Who are your music idols?
Most of them aren’t around but, still living I think there are a few left who’ve retained their star power and mystery: Morrissey, David Bowie, Stevie Nicks..

Courtney love or Cyrinda Fox
Cyrinda Fox

What makes a rockstar?
Doing what you want to do, not conforming to what’s popular, and fitting in with the current trends, being unique, doing your own thing and not trying to emulate someone else too much, believing in what you do and not letting anyone or anything outside
that make you compromise.

Best spots to hang in LA
I’ve been isolated up in nichols canyon for a while working on Magic Wands new album so I haven’t been out much, but when I do I like this dive bar on the east side called Footsies, Cha Cha lounge in Silver Lake & Roosevelt Hotel Tropicana Bar is cool on
certain nights.

Tell us a bit about why you started Bonfire Beach
I started it because I have great chemistry with Charlie, Steven and Brandon,
we’re all old friends, the music is a bit darker than Magic Wands and I really
needed another outlet.

What is up next for your music?
Right now Bonfire Beach is working on new 7″ single & about to shoot new video
then do a small west coast tour, Magic Wands is about to release a new album & tour as well.

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