Galore Darling: LP Shares Her Inspirations For Latest Album Forever For Now

We went to me the the ever talented LP and chatted about her latest album Forever for Now and what inspired its creation!


What was your inspiration for the new album? What was the creative process?
Good, moving songs. A lot of relationships that were beginning or ending. My relationship with the east coast was kind of ending at the time. I was living here at the time and then I moved to LA. I love the weather there. I was going back and forth for a while before I realized that I loved it there. I found a muse in the music there. There’s like a musical rock and roll party in the air there, not that my music necessarily reflects that. New York has that too but I feel like New York is more so the soul of punk. Even bands that aren’t from LA you could sort of feel their past there.

Why the name Forever for Now?
I was writing this song called Forever for Now and it’s kind of about my Mom and my parents, the hugeness of time and relationships. I could just feel her spirit around that day in Big Sur and I was actually tripping on mushroom to be honest. All these things were going on and I remember that the sun just sort of made a path on the water and all I had with me was my ukulele and it was the first time I was profoundly alone in long time. Coming from New York and ling in LA, I couldn’t remember the last time I was alone. I felt my mother’s spirit everywhere and I didn’t feel sad or lonely, I felt great. It was nice to be kind of hanging out with her and I had this melody and this idea and I had the movie City of Lost Children in my head and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in my head and I was just so moved. So we were sitting in the studio and they asked me if I was going to call the song Forever and I didn’t really like that so they were just like alright so we will call it Forever for Now.

What can people expect from your album?
Uplifting songs and feel goodness, kind of an epic spirit lifting. I can’t really tell you what it is to you though, you need to tell me what it is to you.

Anyone featured on the album?
Summer from Florence and the Machine, she’s a good friend. Rob Cavallo, he worked with Alanis Morissette.

Favorite song on the album?
I don’t know if I have a favorite. I know that Tokyo Sunrise is the artistic epicenter of the album. It’s original and inimitable and it’s just quintessentially me and my voice and my inner voice.

Artists that you like right now?
Lykke Li, Banks, Coldplay. I like to see artists do different things.

What’s next?


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