Galore Darling: Lindsey Harrod Is The Health Guru We’ve Been Looking For

Meet Lindsey Harrod. She, and two of her close friends, have a health and wellness business called W3 Live Healthy and are offering fitness service that’s accessible and practical for all people. And now it’s accessible to all of you! Lindsey will be offering her health tips to us, so look out for them! In the meantime find out more about Lindsey below!

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Tell us about your health/fitness business:
I own a health & wellness company along with my two best friends Ashley & Chelsey, called W3 Live Healthy, pronounced, ‘We live healthy’ We offer nutrition programs, exercise programs, as well as motivation and health coaching. Whatever your goals may be, we have the solution. Our aim is to inspire women of all ages to lead a healthy lifestyle, with an emphasis on being HEALTHY not “skinny”. As models ourselves, we’ve seen the impact the industry and social media has on the way women view themselves, and we want to inspire a radical change and teach women to love and take care of themselves.

Have you always been interested in a healthy lifestyle?
I have been modeling since I was a teen, so I’ve always been very conscious of what I eat and have played sports my entire life. However, my idea of a “healthy” lifestyle now, is much different than if used to be. I think back to some of the things I was doing that I thought were healthy and I laugh!

What’s your fave form of exercise?
I love to run, which is odd because I feel like that’s most people’s least favorite. And I love to run outdoors, not on a treadmill staring at the back of the person in front of me. I’ve also gotten really into hot yoga lately.

Your fave treat:
Chocolate and red wine!

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What are 5 easy changes people can make to their diet to be healthier?
1. Drink more water! Especially lemon water. Water is the essential key to alkalizing your body. The more alkalized your body the healthier you are. So drink up! It’s 100% the most important change you can make.

2. Skip out of processed food– it’s the devil. 99% of the ingredients in processed food you can’t read, which means they’re manmade and designed to last forever. So please tell me how that’s supposed to digest in your stomach right when you eat it? Exactly. Which brings me to number 3.

3. Read labels. I’m not saying spend hours reading everything, but take a glance. If it has more than 10 ingredients, you probably shouldn’t be eating it. People will try and count calories and carbs until the day they die, it’s a lot more important to count ingredients.

4. Be prepared. Have healthy snacks handy in your car, purse, desk, and fridge! So that you’re not tempted to stop and drive through some where. This is a lifestyle change, so being prepared is key.

5. Cut down on caffeine. We live in a world where coffee is pretty much everything and everywhere. And though coffee is low in calories and natural, we’re not meant to intake as much of it as modern Americans do, and it’s EXTREMELY acidic for our bodies. Circling back to #1, where I said alkalizing our bodies is the best thing we can do for ourselves. Coffee and sugary energy drinks are back pedaling that process tremendously.

What’s coming up for you and your business?
We are in the midst of launching our ebook and new web site! As well as beginning to film a pilot for a reality series about us, our business, what it’s like to be young entrepreneurs, and all the trials and tribulations we’ve faced as business partners and friends.

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