Galore Darling: Lights On Why Her New Album Will Light You Up

Lights is the sweetest. We got on the phone with the singer/songwriter and chatted about her new album, Little Machines, which is out now. Check out what she had to say about it!


I listened to the album and it made me think of a summery place, are you living in a summery place?
Inspiration behind it was nostalgia and so that remind you of something good and refreshing, so mission accomplished.

Based off of the titles of the tracks, I was mostly drawn to “Running with boys”, why the name?
It brings me back to being a teenager and running around with friends. I love playing that song.

How would you describe the whole sound of the album?
It’s a combination of the last two albums, I applied those two items and made it better. You always want to one up yourself, and that’s what I did with this. I just wanted to make great songs that will be fun live.

Who are some of your inspirations?
I really dug into the careers of Kate Bush, Cyndi, Bjork, especially the way they carry themselves. Also Patti Smith, been reading a lot of her poetry. The way she looks at things is just fresh.

Fave song this summer:
Disclosure & Sam Smith. Iggy Azalea “Fancy”

Artist you love right now:
War on Drugs. MSMR.

Where can we purchase Little Machines?

What’s coming up next?
Non-stop touring for a while. A bunch of cool videos, including a studio diary!


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