Galore Darling: Jack Of All Trades Natasha Lillipore Shares Her Talents

Natasha Lillipore is a designer, illustrator, model and photographer: GET IT. And pretty much rocks at every part. We chatted with her about her array of talents and projects she’s involved with, including how to rock blue hair flawlessly. Check out below!


It seems you do a bit of everything, what you say your most passionate about?
I really love everything that I do, whether it’s designing clothes or accessories, modeling, taking photos, doing makeup, drawing. I don’t think I could pick just one thing that I’m most passionate about; It’s probably a tie between designing and art. I knew I wanted to be an artist from the time I was about two years old when I first heard the term from my mom. I love doing all things artistic, but illustration is my first love. Even though I’m not at the level that I want to be (I don’t think most artists ever are), it makes me feel whole. Designing clothes and accessories gives me a lot of freedom to express my ideas through fashion. My eyewear line, Her Tiny Teeth, allows me to create in a totally different way than illustration does. Making each pair of glasses is both exciting and relaxing, it’s kind of like meditation for me.

You’re artwork is dope, how did you get start getting into that?
Thank you! When I was little I would spend a lot of time drawing and coloring, so my mom really encouraged me to explore that. I started taking art lessons when I was four and went in and out of private lessons until middle school, trying different teachers and seeing what they had to offer. My family didn’t have a lot of money when I was growing up, and a lot of the time my mom would put off paying bills to buy me supplies and pay for my lessons. She really sacrificed a lot and I will forever be grateful. I have no idea what I would be doing if it weren’t for her!


What artists do you like?
Where do I even start, haha. I’m really inspired by the art found in old Lowrider and Teen Angel magazines. Chicano artwork and history is super influential in my work as well. My boyfriend, Javier is a tattooer, and he’s definitely a huge inspiration to me. Just seeing the references he uses and how he makes it his own inspires me to do the same. My biggest obsession is with Touko Laaksonen, better known as Tom of Finland. I had a chance to see his work in person this year and I was even more blown away.

As for your modeling, what’s been you fave shoot you’ve done?
Hmmm, that’s tough! Probably my shoot for Elle Girl Japan. I was featured as the ‘real girl’ of the month in march of this year. I’ve been obsessed with Japanese culture since I was young and I would always buy Japanese magazines whenever I had a chance, so having the opportunity to be featured was literally a dream come true. It was so surreal! I have the article framed in my office, so whenever I’m feeling discouraged it reminds me to keep doing what I love.

You pull off blue perfectly, do you have any tips for people who want to have bright colored hair?
Thanks! Using good quality products is super important. I always recommend that people see a professional color specialist if they’re not very experienced because I have jacked up my hair so many times since I didn’t really know what I was doing. I kinda learned what works best for me through trial and error. If you’re thinking of doing a bright color, just educate yourself about the maintenance and how to care for it. It can be a little limiting, but for me it’s worth it. Sometimes I’ll jokingly tell people ‘don’t do it!’.

cholita_WEB copy

How did you get into doing photography?
Kind of the same way I got into art! My mom did a little photography when I was in grade school, so that definitely sparked my interest. As I grew and started making things that I wanted to sell, I needed photos taken, but being fifteen I didn’t have money to hire someone. My mom helped me buy a little camera and kinda showed me the basics of what to do, and from there I just kinda figured it out. Now that I do so many different creative things, it’s nice to be able to photograph everything myself. I don’t like having to rely on other people, haha.

What’s been your fave shoot?
I don’t know if I have a favorite! My favorite way to shoot is capturing unplanned moments. In terms of organized shoots, I adore taking photos of my sister. We shoot a few times a month for Her Tiny Teeth. She’s gorgeous and so photogenic, it’s unreal! We have a lot of fun getting dressed up and taking photos, it’s something we’ve always done together.

Tell us a bit more about what you’re up to and whats coming up next:
I’m constantly working on evolving Her Tiny Teeth. The company is sort of my baby, but it’s quickly becoming a toddler! I’m working on my own clothing line right now, so I’m hoping to release it by the end of summer. The past few months I’ve also been working on a zine featuring my most recent artwork, which should be ready mid June. I have a couple secret lil projects in the works as well, so I’m super excited to launch those! They should be coming out this summer!


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