Galore Darling: Introducing the Lovely Laurel and her EP “To the Hills”

Up and coming singer/songwriter Laurel, recently released her video “To the Hills” and received much critical praise, and rightly so. WE LOVE, this darling and we’re super excited about her EP by the same name “To the Hills”, check it out her interview with us below!

Photography by Pip

Where are you from?
I’m from Lee on the solent but moved at about 10 to southampton.

How would you’d describe your music?

What have been you influences?
Films most of the time, a lot of hip hop music too.

What was your inspiration for the EP To The Hills?
The lead track is about getting somewhere higher than where you currently are so the other songs really just fit nicely around that theme. Nicotine dreams is along the same lines of just travelling around the world with dreamers and finding something other than the life you know. Shells is more a heart break song about starting again with out the person you loved as they have fallen for someone new.

What can people expect from the EP?
Quite dark tones throughout even down to the remixes. A lot of electronic drums, some live strings and a lot of crazy lyrics.

Where are you touring this summer?
We’re touring around a few of the UK festivals and then over to America and Canada in June for some dates in New york and Toronto.

Who would you love to work with?
Asap Rocky or Tyler the Creator.

What’s coming up next?
A summer of boogying in festival tents to down tempo dark pop.

Laurel To The Hills EP Artwork

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