Galore Darling: How Christine Tran of WITCHES is Celebrating Pride

Christine Tran is the co-founder of WITCHES, which is collective that produces dope events (including a monthly party at Tandem Bar), THE COVEN MAGAZINE and provide a safe space particularly for those who identify as LGBT.


Tell us about how the WITCHES collective started and how would describe it?
WITCHES started off as a monthly party at Tandem Bar in Bushwick to bring together our talented group of friends, creating a space to socialize and meet other creators. WITCHES is built to create artistic platforms — whether with events, collaborative projects, and/or physical + digital mediums.

Did it come about of a lack spaces for gay women and LGBT peeps in general?
Not necessarily lacking — WITCHES adds another voice to the conversation.

Do you think there are more spaces for women since the start of WITCHES?
For me it’s not about quantity, but rather the quality of spaces. I’m about supporting and empowering women and creating spaces where we can just “be”.

What are some of the things WITCHES produce?
WITCHES produces events, THE COVEN MAGAZINE, zines, a social networking app, the WITCHES calendar…always something. We love meeting new people and collaborating.

How are you celebrating Pride this weekend?
Pride is non-stop fun. Did you go to SHADE? It was epic. Friday, I’m co-hosting BADUSSY at The Delancey; Saturday, the Dyke March; and Sunday, A CLUB CALLED RHONDA is going to be super cute on the rooftop of the Gansevoort Hotel.

What’s the most annoying thing straight people say or have said to you?
“I’ve always wanted to be with two girls.”

Do you think homophobia is as prevalent in NYC as it is in the rest of the country?
NYC is thriving and proud. I feel so lucky to be in a city where individualism and queer identities are celebrated and appreciated.

How do you think WITCHES works to create a safe space for LGBT peeps?
WITCHES is committed to working together + collaborating with other individuals and organizations. Being inclusive is really important to us. From the beginning we’ve strayed away from used words such as queer, gay, lesbian, etc to describe WITCHES. It’s about creating a safe space for everyone — socially and creatively.

What’s coming up for WITCHES?
We’re releasing our next issue of THE COVEN MAGAZINE in early July and developing a WITCHES art residency program for the beginning of 2015 at Mana Contemporary in Jersey City. I’m so excited to meet more people and continue to be inspired and create.


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