Galore Darling: Hanna Beth Is LA’s Girl To Follow

Model and LA girl to know, Hannah Beth, better know by some as Barbie Beth shared with us some her favorite things and what’s coming up for the beauty.

Whats up Barbie Beth! Is that your real name?
My name is actually Hanna Beth, but since it was taken on Instagram I went with Barbie Beth. I collect barbie’s from the sixties so I figured it would be appropriate.

Favorite brand at the moment:
It’s hard to pick just one: Knomadik, Chanel & Unif.

What lipstick color is your fave?
Train Bleu by Nars

What song is on repeat right now?
Tell Her No by The Zombies

5 best places in cali to chill:
Chateau Marmont, SoHo House, Malibu, my mom’s house & my couch


What does friendship mean to you?
Friendship mean’s being honest & loyal. There is nothing I hate more than a dishonest person. I look for friends who are real, not just social climbing pieces of trash who will stab you in the back at any given moment.. i have very few close friends because it’s hard to trust anyone in this town… i love having friends who enjoy going out but can also have just as much fun staying in, ordering a pizza & watching movies.

Favorite movie of all time:
True Romance or Ciao Manhatten

Zodiac sign

What do boys do that make you cringe?
Cheat. I think cheating is awful and disrespectful…I know girls do it too, but it’s something I am very against…if you are wanting to cheat on the person you’re with than why even be with them? I am lucky to have found the most loyal man in LA. He treats me with so much respect & love..

Who would you like to makeover?
Most pop stars, a lot of them have awful style.

Los Angeles

Something we should know about Barbie Beth:
Check out my collection with and also the new collection for


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