Galore Darling: Founder Of Bodybinds Jackie Hopson Celebrates Curves

We love Jackie Hopson’s clothing line Bodybinds, so we were so happy to talk to her about her company and how it all came about.


How did Bodybinds come about?
It came about in sort of an untraditional way. I had been pole dancing for fitness for 6 years and my studio had an open-house that 5 of my friends and I were performing in (it was my first performance). I made us these “strappy things” as a last-minute costume save and the rest was history. My background is in fashion, so I was able to apply my knowledge and skills to the business

What are some of your inspirations?
The curves of a woman’s body, my customers (they tell me all the time what they want) and the many design entrepreneurs that I’m surrounded by–they inspire me to be the best version of myself.

Where can we buy?
On our site,, but we are opening it to wholesale accounts just in time for the holidays.


Who would you love wear it?
Ellie Goulding

Highlight so far:
I have two.
1) Being featured in the New York Post’s Annual Sex Issue — it was such a wonderful feature on us.
2) Being selected as one of the 35 brands to participate in the 2014 Design Entrepreneurs NYC Program. DENYC is a program that teaches emerging designers the tools they need to grow their business. It is truly the best thing that has ever happened to Bodybinds.

What’s coming up next?
We are launching our sister brand, Le Lani, a swimwear line that combines my handbag design experience (I use technical elements normally used for handbags) and my Hawaiian upbringing. We are debuting our Spring/Summer ’15 line at EDIT Shows on September 14 – 16 at Jacob Javits Center.


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