Galore Darling: Fierce Violinist Miri Ben-Ari is the Boss with the Strings

Miri Ben-Ari has taken the music scene by storm with her masterful violin skills, not to mention her style and beauty. We chatted to her about being a boss and bad ass in the industry and what has inspired her most.


Seeing as you’re a boss, what do you think of the word bossy- own it or not?
Although I am “a boss”, I don’t like the word “bossy” which has bad connotations. I like the word “charismatic” much better.

5 women you think are “a boss” and “bad ass”
Chancellor Angela Merkel
Hillary Clinton
Yue-Sai Kan
Arianna Huffington

How was it playing for the president?
It was a defining moment in my life that inspired me to work harder to make a difference.

What song inspired you to get into music?
Listening to Charlie Parker’s “The song is you”.

If you could collab with any artist who would it be?
Stevie Wonder.

Do you think it’s tougher getting to where you are than your male equivalents?
Not necessarily, it all depends on the person: being a driven woman can be a great advantage.

Do you bring your boss-ness and dominate personally into other parts of your life?
I do and I love to lead by inspiring others. This is the reason I invest my time in non-profit initiatives, including my own organization

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