Galore Darling: Fashion Designer Rosie Browning Talks Positivity

>We’re so stoked up & coming fashion designer Rosie Browning hit our radar, her style speaks for itself and we’re even happier she loves to designs clothes so we will get to wear her cops type too! Check out her interview with us below!

Kurtiss Lloyd

Kurtiss Lloyd

Why are you drawn to fashion?
The fashion industry is so lively, extravagant and just absolutely mental, and I’m reeeeaally into clothes. Clothes and Art. I’m drawn to fashion because it gives me an excuse to make pearl encrusted codpieces with girls wanking embroidered on it, for example.

I also find the media side of it super fun: fashion shows, magazines. Currently I’m studying so many different disciplines, photography, specialised computer programs, dressmaking, designing and presenting collections, drawing, drawing, drawing. There’s so much to learn and a huge level of multitasking is needed to stay in the game.

When did you decide you wanted to be a designer?
The idea of fashion started with doing art when I was a teenager, I kept leaning towards textiles as a media, and I was often going to clubs on the Kingsland High Road in London and dressing up like a nutter.

I want to be a designer because I want to make clothes in a positive, responsible and ethical way. It’s disgusting that we cause humans to suffer in factories, just to make huge quantities disposable garments. I would like us all to really start thinking about the way we produce, consume, and dispose of cotton, for starters.

How would describe the types of clothes you like to create?
Future-tronic forms, psychadelic patterny punk, and a good serving of grandma chic 😀


Whats your inspirations?
The universe and its recurring patterns, festivals, the future, positivity, planet earth, the sun, the moon and naked girls.

What designers do you admire?
I admire 100% Rei Kawakubo and Vivienne Westwood for her philosophy and awesomeness.

Who’s style gives you life?
Mine! I live it everyday.

What’s coming up for you next?
Hopefully a summer stint in a large fashion house in Paris and a new huge workshop space in Brussels, with a very cool band and my boyfriend! I’ll just be fiddling around with photos, paint and my sewing machine, working really hard and being happy! Positivity is Paradise! Come and watch it all unfold on my instagram: @r0siebr0wning

Jonathan Loek and Silv Yoz Silv

Jonathan Loek and Silv Yoz Silv

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